August 20th, 2005

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Law degrees in UK/ppractising law int he US

I have a minor character who is a lawyer. She got her degree in Britain, and then moved to LA; is there a way she could become a contract lawyer? What would be required so that she could actually put her degree in use int he States? POr is that even possible at all?

Also; she needs to be as young as possible How young could that be?
Lord Touri

HP Lovecraft Terminology.

This is a bit of a shot in the dark, although it is probably very obvious for a lovecraft fan.

One of my characters is quoting HP Lovecraft in a conversation. I am looking for the term he sometimes use to describe symmetries in which sometimes the angles of a triangle adds up to more or less than 180 degrees. suposedly contemplating those symmetries drive a person out of his or her mind.

I simply cannot remember the term or which story I read it in. I googled it half to death and looked through my hp lovecraft collection but there is too much of it... in my desperation I turn here. hopefully someone can help me.

Thanks :)
Cheer Up Emo Vanyel

1973 Slang

I'm working on a flashback set in 1973 in which one teenager calls another what would be the equivalent of "nerd" or "geek".  Is "nerd" an acceptable word choice, or was there slang more appropriate to the time period?  I've searched a ton of slang dictionaries, but have been unable to find one that specifies when those terms became popular.


The Phantom and Christine

Hair art for Victorian men

My Google-fu is very weak, and when I searched for 'mourning jewelry' and 'hair art' I generally came up with the same information.

In the early Victorian era (late 1840s-early 1850s), I know that sometimes women had jewelry made with hair of a deceased family member. In my case, I'm wondering if the men did any such thing? The closest I came to was finding out about watch fobs that were made out of the hair of the deceased, and I just wanted to know if it was plausible for my male character to have a watch fob made out of the hair of his dead wife.

Thank you!
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Learning English in Spain

I have a character who is Spanish and was born in either 1991 oe 1992. The relevant bits of the story are set in 2005 and 2007, respectively; what I need to know is how fluent in English wpould she be, if she is a good student and pasys special attention to learning? (She's a bit smarter than average but by no means a genius) How many years would she have studied by 2005?

thanks in advance :)