August 19th, 2005

  • 101486

Stolen car accident.

Two young adults, age 20, decide to take their classmate's car out for a joyride. On the way home, they get sideswiped by a hit-and-run driver, and their car flips over. The police are on the scene within ten minutes, but they're walking away at the suggestion of the driver, who unknown to the passenger, has had a few felony convictions (including grand theft auto) and may or may not actually have a license.

It's set in the Marvel Universe, and both characters are superpowered -- the driver, the one with the felons, takes out a road in order to stop the police from coming after them, and they take off, only to be apprehended not long after. Assuming they both get held in jail overnight, what do you guys think would happen to them? (The setting is modern-day New York.) I figured a Felony C or D charge, but I don't know what happens with that kind of thing.

Thanks in advance. :D!
  • thule_

Whipping question

One of my characters are being whipped for hitting an officer when he is a POW. I want him badly hurt, but not killed.

I have found a lot through google, like the fact that it is possible to survive 500 lashes or so, but I need to know how many lashes it is plausible that he will survive (he is weaker than the average human, about as strong as an human teen) and how many lashes he will take from a whip made from animal hide before he will start to bleed.