August 16th, 2005

Servants Work Hours in the 18th Century

Hello, just joined and will most likely be visiting a lot as I strive to make certain that my nit grit details are as correct as can possibly be. My question right now is does anyone know any possible information on what a servant's work hours were around the 18th century? Reasonably how late they could have possibly worked specifically? I know there may not be an exact time, but just an approximate would be VERY helpful. Thanks much for any info!

Breaking A Mirror

In the story I’m writing, one of my characters will, in a fit of grief, hit a mirror until it breaks. Now, assuming that he’s an average sized man, standing right in front of said mirror, hitting with all his force with an open hand, would it be too much of a stretch for the mirror to break after two or three hits?

If it means anything, this story takes place about the time of the old west.

Edit: I knew something looked wrong about that. Just ignore the part about the bathroom, I'm changing that. Thanks for all the help.
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the sequences of digits on copyright pages

I have no idea how to go about googling this information.

In many books, on the page after the title page but before the "first" page, there is a page with copyright, publishing, and Library of Congress information (well, in American published books, at least). Towards the bottom, there is often a series of numbers like so: "1 3 5 7 9 8 6 4 2 0" or "1 2 3 4 5" or "7 9 0 8 6". In a book I recently purchased, it is "A B C D E F".

What are these sequences? What do they mean? What is their purpose?

I am in the planning process of a story involving libraries, secret societies, codes, and a Nancy Drew type figure, and right now I'm trying to work out different ways that the secret society could communicate, well, secretly, but still leave traces for the girl to find. So these sequences might be useful for that.

Political Question

Can someone tell me if this makes sense politically?

Gateway Sector contains roughly a hundred and fifty systems in a fairly empty part of the galaxy. Of those, perhaps a hundred have any value (ie: Mining of airless moons orbiting gas planets.) The only system with any habitable planets is the Gateway System, which in turn contains Gateway Station, an alien relic which can open wormholes to other galaxies, as FTL travel is impossible outside the galaxy. The drives just will not work. Nobody is sure why.

Because Gateway System is pretty much the only civilization in the sector, the captain in command of the station is also the Military Govenor, which, because most of the Sector's population is in Gateway, also puts the job of protecting the sector on said captain's shoulders. It should be an Admiral's job, but the Royal and Imperial Navy is a bit short on Admirals (No such thing as a Commodore in this Navy) at the moment, so it falls to a Captain.

In times of conflict, the captain oversees the Sector defense, the executive officer is in command of the station and the planet, while the second officer leads any field missions involving the Navy forces under the captain's command.

The Empire has just come out of a war with the Feenar, a felinoid race whose civilization is built on honor and a caste system. They're a warrior race, very proud, and a bit touchy.

So when the second officer marries a Feenar female, she suddenly becomes the highest ranking Feenar in the sector. Because Feenar law says that the female controls her husband's house, and the Second officer is the Sector's field commander, Gateway is now Feenar territory.

Or, more simply, the Second officer is the top warrior in defense of the Sector, and Feenar Law does not recognize the military rank off the captain and the exec in this situation.

Am I missing something or does this make sense?
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Mythical type artifacts

I've got a storyline where some ebilbadguys are trying to summon some demony thing and to do so, need certain artifacts that have relgious, historical etc significance.

I've got a few, I was just wondering if anyone has any more that might be slightly better.

Doesn't matter what sort of era they are from, they're gonna be time hopping anyways.

If anyone has any links they could provide I'd be much obliged :)

So far I have:

The Lance of Longinus(sp?) (the spear that was used to stab Christ when he was on the cross)
Excaliber (Arthur's sword)
Merlin's Staff
The Holy Grail
Thor's Hammer
Aladdin's lamp
Philosophers stone
Pandora's box

Thanks in advance :)
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