August 13th, 2005


CARS... bloody cars...

It's true, it's true, I know nothing about cars. I wrote a story called Through Hollow Lands some time ago. Someone who read it told me I had my details wrong, when I talk about what's wrong with the main character's car (it gives him trouble throughout the course of story). I'd gotten my information off a website, which seemed legit enough, so I'm not sure what to think. At any rate, here is the paragraph in question (by me, Lara Unnerstall, do anything to it -- feathers, et all -- and I'll cut you)...

Dante’s unremarkable blue sedan was hiccoughing down the interstate. Steve Sweeney had tightened a battery cable (“this here Mister Dan-te is a loose cable, you gotta check these things reg-u-lirly”), and he’d been on his way, putting time and distance between himself and The House of Clocks. Manny, a scowling man with a long nose and curiously Eastern European accent, had given the car a jump-start two days later, at a gas station in western South Dakota. He warned Dante of early cable corrosion, and to beware of girls that dance at midnight on the highway, and to beware of long-haired women with green eyes, if he should pass by a river or lake. “They wvill wvant to be dancing wvith you, or for you to be brushing their hair,” he had said, dark eyes glittering. “That wvould be being a mistake.”

The idea was something along the lines of a loose cable connected to the battery causing the car to keep breaking down. Is that wrong? Does it not work that way? Does anyone have a better idea of something that could cause a car to keep stalling?
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Question about self-harm

I have a story in which there is an 18-year-old girl who has just suffered a major trauma and bereavement. If she starts to self-harm, what are her likely thoughts and motivations as she's doing it? And how is she likely to stop? I have my own thoughts on these, but I want it to be realistic.
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human vs lupine flexibility

I've been trying to find out If the joints (particularly shoulders) of humans can move in ways that just wouldn not work for a wolf.
Background: I've got werewolves that change from human into wolf shape. I thought it might be possible to tie a werewolf in human spahe up in a way that would keep him from changing, or at least from changing without breaking bones or dislocating joints.

I tried the usual (google), but had no luck. Anyone got any idea?

Rugby rules

Can anyone tell me what happens if a ball goes out of bounds during a rugby game. Does the game stop while is is retrieved? Can anyone go get it, or does the referee have to?

Thanks as always.