August 11th, 2005

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Albino-related vision problems, childhood illnesses, and Greek surnames.

Ok, I know albinos have problems with their vision. What I don't know, is if going blind later in life is a common thing. If someone had albinism and could see in their younger years, would that be cause enough to worry about blindness later in life, or would their vision likely stay the same for the rest of their life?

Second question: What types of childhood illnesses can cause infertility in women as adults, and are still around and dangerous to a degree in the modern day? I was thinking scarlet fever, but nothing I've found on the disease supports the folklore I'd heard about severe cases causing infertility.

Final question: Does anyone know of a database where I could find current Greek surnames? Meanings of the surnames would be a bonus, but not required, I'm just looking for Greek surnames that are still around, a.k.a. the family hasn't died out.

Thank you all so much in advance, and yes, for the curious, these questions all pertain to the same character.

Edit: Wow, thank you so much everyone! You've all been most helpful, more than you realize.
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Japanese senor high school; Acceptance of homosexuality and understanding of English by a 1st year

In advance thank you very much for your help, last time I went here was very informative
and I plan to post a link to that fic as soon as it is finished.

This time I am yet again writing a fanfiction and have a few questions I would like cleared up;

1. In this story Student A is trying to get a fairly good grasp of English now is because his boyfriend just
moved back to the states and he wants to make the gesture of knowing it even if his boyfriend and the
boyfriend's family all know Japanese fluently. Is this totally unrealistic that Student A would be trying
to get tutored along with normal classes and cram school?

1a. What kind of english would Student A and Student B know? Would it be like how I've heard it is here in the US where
it's more textbook-y and not quiet how you would really speak the language? How well would they know slang?

For some background, Student A just does just enough to pass. Student A is not doing bad per say, but I'd
still say slightly below average unless that would put him at a level that he would not pass. Student B, which
is the one who would be tutoring him, has a passion for the subject and while not getting
100s all the time does very well. Both are in their first year of senor high school.

2. Another question is what views would the school be likely to have on homosexuality? While both Student A and
Student B have boyfriends neither is public about it. But would they also need to hide their homosexuality
because of public views on it? How open would the teachers be as opposed to the other students? Anything else
I need to keep in mind but am not thinking of?

Again, thanks in advance for any help you can give me :D
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Mexicans and Hookers

Mexican stuff! Because I'm horribly ignorant. Very much so. I should be ashamed.

Background: Small Mexican family moves accross the border quite illegally. They compose of a father, mother, and daughter trio, with the mother in early pregnancy, though if that affects anything I don't know. The daughter is not US born, and the timeframe is the late seventies or early eighties. With that in mind:

1. What would the process be to get a greencard/'right to work'/whathaveyou for a family that's already been living in the US for more or less a year now? Would they get their asses deported?

2. For the life of me I can't remember the naming practices down there. >.< The surname thing is confusing me.

On a COMPLEATELY unrelated note:

1. What are some pretty basic mistakes for a novice hooker to make? Preferably not something that'd get her arrested.

2. What's a good way to shock yourself badly on electrical... stuff? Something bad enough to need to go to the hospital, but not bad enough to be fatal?
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Names for unlucky Oriental spirits?

I'm writing a steampunk story, which I intend to turn into something of a series. In one of the later books, I've decided, a resident of Shangri-La comes to steampunk-Victorian England to escape a lusty evil spirit (likely a bamboo spirit).

My researches have told me that bamboo is considered "lucky" - is there any way to indicate with his name that he is a bad or unlucky spirit?

If it helps any, the Emperor of Shangri-La (at least reasonably intelligent) trusts the spirit, so it shouldn't be something terribly ill-omened or obvious. But if there's a way to indicate 'decay' or something else subtly negative I'd really very much appreciate it. ;)

If it helps, it doesn't specifically have to be Japanese, Chinese, Korean or anything. If someone wanted to blend together a fictional name - I'd be more than happy to use it. ^^;

The spirit has a small herd of other bad or just unlucky spirits at his command, so other names (and their origins if you know them) would be super-awesome.

Thanks in advance - and feel free to whap me with the Mod-stick if this isn't an appropriate post. :)