August 9th, 2005

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Chef organization in fancy restaurants

About how many people would be employed in the kitchen of a five-star French restaurant in the US? How would they be organized? I've got a firm idea of what the big positions (head chef, pastry chef, garde manger, etc) are, but I'm not clear on how many commis and the like are needed in each section.
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Egyptian word for "sarcophagus"

I'm looking for the word that would have been used by the Egyptians for the sarcophagi or coffins. (For those who don't know, sarcophagus is Greek for "flesh eater" since they thought the coffins ate flesh.) Does anyone know? I don't think I've ever come across it in one of my Egyptian books, and would love to use it in a Stargate fic I'm working on.

Please and thanks?
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Ben/Max Fight

Medical admittance questions and injuries

Okay so I'm sure some of you have seen that leaked pilot for that new show on the WB, Supernatural? Well my friend and I are doing a virtual series and our first ghostie is a bit mad that they're trying to get him out of his house and throwing things ensues. Anyways...

So Chase (our girl here) does a cleansing ritual the first time but gets interupted when Mr. Ghost gets annoyed and starts throwing books and other household things at her. She manages to dodge the bigger things but the books and the chair she gets thrown into make contact. After calling the ghost a few choice words, She gets thrown through the front bay window and lands on the hood of an old car, effectively knocked out for the next couple of hours.

The next night she goes with our two boys to the house and one gets smacked around with a couple books, the other with a whole slew and Chase gets smacked again with a few more books, then tossed into the wall (again).

So I'm assuming she has some cracked ribs and a concussion. The three of them show up at the hospital, what kind of questions will be asked and what kind of pain medication will they give Chase as a perscription (I was thinking nanprex). Also, how long would she be kept in the hospital before being released and going on the road trip with the boys?

Edit: Oh, I think I should also mention that she'll be the one there for the medical attention, the guys are taking her and making sure she's okay.