August 1st, 2005

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The origin of "An apple a day"

Does anyone happen to know how far the saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" dates? Would someone in Victorian England know it?

I've been able to track down the saying to a nursery rhyme, but I haven't been able to find out how old the rhyme itself is (I've had one source claim it's from 1904, and another that's it's from the 17th century O.o).

Thank you in advance :)

Immobile while on horseback?

I have three characters. One (the main character, though I guess that isn't necessary info) is incapable of much movement. He's not paralyzed, persay, but his arms and legs don't respond much, and the trunk of his body is too weak for him to stand or sit up on his own. The reasons aren't important, and it would take way too long to explain. He might as well be unconscious, in other words, which he's been drifting in an out of at random odd intervals (for other unnecessary reasons etc.)

So now that that's out of the way, my question... What would be the best way to transport this guy by horseback (max 3 horses, please)? Having someone double up in the saddle to help him? Tying him into the saddle? What? If it's the latter, how exactly does one go about that? They're going to be doing some hard riding, and for quite a while, as they're attempting to get away from an unhappy group of Someones and to safehaven pretty far away.

Any suggestions would be quite helpful. :) Merci beacoup, domo, gracias, thanks, and whatever others you think of. ^_^
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Use of "Blue Books"

Does anyone know if Uni students in England (specifically at Oxford, and elsewhere) use the flimsy blue examination booklets to write out essay questions during exams, or are they just in use in the US?

Thanks so much,


College Sports

I know very very little about sports. So. I'd like answers that could apply to most sports, but if that's too broad/general, I'm most interested in how they apply to basketball and swimming at a big public university.

Bulleted for your reading pleasure:
+When do different sport seasons start, and how long do they typically last? Do most sports have both a fall and a spring season? What happens in the case of non-traditional sports, such as archery, horse-back riding, etc.?
+Would a non-traditional student(older by several years) be allowed to join the varsity team of a college sport? In the same vein, if a student took longer than usual to complete their degree, would they still be allowed on the team?
+How often do varsity members practice a week? What other training are they encouraged to do? For example, rugby forwards are encouraged to do weight-training, but would the same apply to a swimmer?
+How strict of a diet would a typical college varsity student be on?
+What sort of academic standards are varsity students now held to, and what kind of scholarships can a decent player expect to receive per year?

Thanks, guys.