July 28th, 2005

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Blood loss and recovery w/o hospitalization

I have a character who has basically had razors thrown at her and currently has a bullet in her shoulder. She can't go to the hospital, so she drives about an hour to her hideout in the middle of Whereinthehell, SomeState.

Now, the cuts are shallow so she's not bleeding out immediately, but by the time she gets home she's obviously suffering from blood loss. She's dizzy, confused, and eventually passes out.

I've gotten her taken care of, but I need to know how long she'd be out, keeping in mind she's gone without a blood transfusion and is healing on her own.

I'd also like to know if it's possible for her to wake up and give a short message after roughly 5 or 6 hours of downtime.

The only information I've found on Google is how they would treat her in a hospital, and I've already gotten that bit sorted. And I found nothing useful by searching for more archaic medical information.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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penance in Catholicism

I am under the impression that, in the Catholic church, after confessing, people do penance (Our Fathers, Hail Marys, things like that) to gain forgiveness for their sins. If this is correct, what is the average* punishment meted out for: coveting another's girlfriend; lustful thoughts; masturbation? What if the lustful thoughts were about someone particularly against the rules, such as someone of the same gender, or a relative? Would these be general or regular enough that a frequent churchgoer could guess at them, ie do an Our Father (or whatever) after thinking lustful thoughts, because he knows it is what the priest would have him do? How does a rosary figure into all of this?

Also, any websites explaining, or explainations of, the various means of penance (and I really hope that's the word I mean, or I'm going to be very embarassed, and I do hope I haven't offended anyone) would be highly appreciated, but I'm sure once I know what to look for, I can google it.

Thanks very much in advance!

* If there is such a thing. To be more specific: the church is in Milwaulkee, Wisconsin, and is the sort of small church where families go for generations and everyone knows each other. The priest, to my knowledge, is neither a drunkard nor a child molester.
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Scarring Growth

Being fortunate enough to have never had major surgeries or accidents (knock on wood), I'm rather uninformed on the subject of scars. I was wondering: as people grow, do scars stretch?

The character (All right, it's Remus Lupin. Stop looking at me like that), was bitten by a werewolf (whom in my fic universe, is much closer to an actual wolf than a wolf-man) when he was a young boy -- four or five. The bite was rather wide (assuming the biter's jaws were rather big, and he managed to get pretty deep in the mouth), from probably his shoulder to his buttock.

My question being, would the scar grow as he does? The obvious answer would be yes, but I'm afraid of looking like an idiot in my fic-debut. Thanks for any help.

ETA: Thank you all so much; you've been very helpful!

Dirigible interiors and general design

Grrr... no one seems to want to make websites about the interior layouts of the greater ridged airships. I'm writing a sci-fi alternate-world steam-punk story, and I'm designing many, many dirigibles, but one in particular which uses two 200 meter long helium filled envelopes in the shape of prolate spheroids (of course) trussed together in the middle with exterior catwalks between and around the exterior sides of both envelopes. Two crew and community areas are connected to the underside of each envelope, with smaller crew areas along the dorsal areas of both spheroids. The ship will start out as a coal burning and move to a petrol boiler early in the story. Also, I'm playing with the idea of a third lower crew section suspended between and below the two gas envelopes. I can do the math, that's not the hard part - but I'm awful at interior design, and I wanted to look up how the layout of airships has been done in the real world.

But I can't find an appropriate site that shows either design layouts of crew and passenger areas or interior photos.

Also, I want to know how the dirigibles ascended and descended on a mechanical level, whether they used sheer propeller power to angle the ships in a downward (nose down) or upward (nose up) direction, or whether they use forward and aft ballast tanks full of water with pumps connecting and controlling the two. How do the helium/hydrogen storage systems actually work and how are they laid out? I can't seem to find the info - though I could make it up myself, I want to see what other's have done it in the past.
The Phantom and Christine

Becoming a teacher and hairdressers in the early 1970s

I'll admit my Google-fu is extremely weak, and I can't seem to find a clear answer, so I've come to ask for your help.

1. What exactly are the requirements for becoming an average elementary school teacher in Canada? (The province of Ontario, specifically). From that I was able to find on Wikipedia, Canadians need certification from a provincial teachers' college, but fails to state any more than that. How long would teachers' college take, more or less? (The character is 27 by this point, so would he already have grauated, or would he still be studying?) What would be required during this time? How easy would it be to find a job once graduating from college?

2. What did it take to become a general hairdresser in the late 60s/early 70s? (I'm thinking the period 1967-1971). Would it require one go to beauty school? How long would that take? Just because I'm odd like this, the character in question is living in West Germany at the time, so I don't know if that would change anything.
2b. Said character moves to Canada in the early eighties; would she have to retake some kind of beauty course to work as a hairdresser, or would her previous credentials be sufficient?

Thank you in advance.