July 25th, 2005


Blood in Paint


I have a character that mixes blood (and probably other bodily fluids) in with his paint to make his artwork, but the thing about blood is, it don't exactly smell like flowers. So, I was wondering, is there a substance (a chemical or something) that could be mixed in with the blood and paint to stop it from smelling and prevent flies, and other insects, from going after it? Or would the stuff in the paint be enough?

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Two Questions: Foster care and Catholic priesthood

Hi, I'm new, and I have several stories in half-formed stages that unfortunately need some... slightly larger little details before I canreally sit down with them. Therefore, I have two questions, both of which are likely very simple.

The first: What was foster care like in New England (specifically Massachusetts) in the late 1970s to early 1980s? If a boy was in foster care from 10-11 years old onward, how often would he likely switch homes? Do they try to keep children in the same general area as before, or would the child get moved around a lot? I am assuming the child would leave foster care at 18, but I'm not sure if this is correct. What happens when a child leaves foster care?

A slightly more specific question with regards to the above: this child's father is a supervillain in the DC Comics universe, and does get back out of jail before the child is an adult. However, would a history of supervillainy = child-endangerment, or would said supervillain possibly be able to regain custody of his, now teenaged, son?

Question the second: I am looking to write a story about someone going into the Catholic priesthood, but have no idea of where to look on the process of entering the priesthood. As the story is from the POV of the priest-in-training, I will need to know specifics. Are there any websites (or books, although I'd prefer websites), that contain information on the process of becoming a priest as well as what the environment is like, etc.?

Thanks for your time!

The language of men

Here's a strange one for you:

Do guys use the word "pee" when they're talking about bodily functions? Or do most men skip right to the more manly "piss"? As in, "I should get going, but I'd better pee before I leave."

The things I think about on Monday morning. :0)
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Things children know

Would a fairly intelligent 8-year old mid-western girl have heard of Al Capone was, and know that his nickname was Scarface?
Or would she have to be into gangster films to know that?

ETA: Thanks all! I've covered my back by giving her an interest in black and white films!
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Tattoo question

Could somebody tell me how long it would take to get a tattoo done like the one George Clooney's character had in From Dusk Till Dawn?

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ETA: I knew this comm would come through! Thank's for the detailed an informative answers, guys.
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scars and hallucinogenic gas

Okay, so I have this character, who is still in my developing persona stages. I want him to have a cut on his cheek (I don't know if it's self inflicted yet - it could be from bullies). Think Frankenstien's sewing scars, that's basically what it would look like. This is very important to his 'look'. How long could I expect that cut to stay? It could also be a scar, which I'm supposing would stay longer.

Also, hallucinogenic gas. I googled this but couldn't understand anything useful/came up with science fiction stuff. My character has developed hallucinogenic gas. It causes anyone who comes in contact with it to freak out - they'll see spiders eating their skin, big birds flying around. They'll see whatever scares them. Are there any drugs now that cause this? It's very important that it's a gas. It has to be inhaled, not ingested.

You get a cookie and a gold star if you guess who my character is.
Yes! It's the wonderful Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow
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Twins and conception

The answers to these are probably really obvious, but you'll have to excuse me as I'm really not educated on these matters...

1. What is the likelihood of the same woman giving birth to two sets of twins?

2. How long is it after giving birth before a woman can conceive again?

Cheers. :)
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Earthquakes in England

Just out of curiousity...how common are earthquakes in Great Britain? How large are they usually? When was the last "big one" and how much damage did it cause?

Any help would be appreciated.

Googling showed that there were a lot of large ones centuries ago, but the most recent story I came across was this one which makes it sound like the largest quake lately was only about a 4.8 in Manchester in 2002. Has there been something bigger in the past few centuries? How about something more recent?