July 24th, 2005


So what happens to a sick person's house?

Another odd question from the Factory...hopefully somebody has some experience with this. Y'all are wonderful. Mwah.

This takes place in the Los Angeles area, if that helps...supposing someone calls 9-1-1, and when 9-1-1 reaches him, he is unconscious. He lives alone in a semi-isolated house. Are the paramedics going to lock up when they leave? If he stays unconscious for a prolonged period of time, what will be done to take care of his house, etc? If the paramedics have to break a lock or a window to get in (I'm assuming they would, especially if they could look in and see him), will they do anything to fix it, or just leave the home open to intruders? This character has no living relatives and they cannot find employment information on him, or anything that might lead them to his friends or acquaintences. (Improbable, I know, but it so happens he's a criminal mastermind. Heh. So he tends to keep that kind of info under his metaphorical hat, and I assume the EMTs aren't going to rifle through his house anyway...are they?)

Other factors include: he was shooting up some kind of drug (TBD, suggestions on that are welcome as well) at the time he passed out, and the paramedics can clearly see this. There is no suspcion of foul play, but will the police get involved anyway on drug charges? If so, how soon? And also, although I mentioned he's a criminal mastermind, at the time, there are no charges against him and no marks on his record. He's good that way.

Basically, my two heroes need to get into his house while he's in the hospital...what are their odds of carrying out a prolonged search uninterrupted - and will they be able to sneak in easily?
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Cassette tapes

I'm really showing my age with this one. When a cassette tape is getting really worn out, how (if at all) does the sound quality change? I remember our car's tape deck going out and playing Vanilla Ice at half-speed (which I recommend), but I'm dealing with an old cassette in a newish deck.

ETA: Thanks everybody who replied. As usual, you guys come through in a flash with great info.
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Hi there. It's my first post, and I rather suck at introductory posts, but here goes anywho. I'm currently working on a novel about the Gorgon/Perseus myth. I'm also a writer/artist for the slow going but always on time webcomic Full Circle.

So... First question! Anyone know exactly how long it is a person would have to stare at the sun with their naked eye before they went completely blind? Or if reptiles can go blind from staring at the sun or do they have some kind of extra protection? I have no idea, but if anyone's heard any theories it would help me out bunches. Not that I'm recommending anyone try it. Thanks!
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