July 22nd, 2005

Clinton county, NY, in the 1960s.

Or more specifically, the town of Dannemora. I'm setting an RPG there. I know the town essentially grew around the prison, but any other characteristics of the general area would help. The game starts in September 1963, so any era-specific things would be good too.


Movies showing in London in 2004

Hi all. I recently joined this community and now I've come to a point where I can't find what I'm looking for anywhere else. I live in the US, so I don't know what movies show in London. In my current story (or one of them, at least), the two main characters are going to see a movie in London. Does anyone know what movies were playing in London during the early summer of 2004? I was wanting to have them go see 'Van Helsing,' but I didn't want to find out later that the movie didn't show in London at that time. Any help is greatly appreciated. :)


Irish Naming

I was wondering if there was a way to form (or at least derive) an Irish male name from the Irish word for 'Summer' or something related (such as involving summer-related imagery). As much as it might be possible, I'd want it to be a real name, or at least something that sounds like it could be a real name -- as in, it might be unusual, but I don't want something that would make an Irish speaker think, "Nobody would EVER name their kid that!"

(People who name their kids things like 'Madysynn' or 'Koedee' need not apply.)

Obscure music from the 1980's US

Okay -

this is a toughie. I'm looking for the musician who I knew from the early 80s I think. One of his songs was 'Mexican Radio' and the chorus of it was 'I'm on a Mexican Radio'. He also did a song about 'a very strange marine'. As you can tell, his music was somewhat ... eccentric.

I can't remember the guy's name, or any of his song titles except 'Mexican Radio', which isn't pulling anything up for me. Anyone out there with the kind of expertise in music that might know who this guy is from the scant information I have?

EDIT: Thank you! Thank you! Wall of Voodoo it is!