July 15th, 2005

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Weapon help needed--military and federal precision shooting, and specs for same.

Good morning! I was just pointed here, and it would thrill me to no end if anyone could help with this bit of research.

Cross posted from my LJ:

If someone can point me to some links or how to phrase a useful search, or to some books or magazines, I'd appreciate it.

I want to research guns. Well, specifically some military weapons, handguns and rifles. Even more specifically, I need to know about what kind of firearms the federal agencies train on and carry, what's used for sharpshooting in the FBI and CIA and what Marine snipers use. Do the SEALS and the Marine's use the same weapons for long distance? Do the FBI and CIA train snipers? What kind of long range precision weapons are available to the general public *legally*?

And finally, where can I find specs on these weapons--enough to at least not make huge errors in a narrative.
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A "What-If" Question About Airplanes

Hypothetically speaking, if the jet engine hadn't been invented when it was, what other technological advancements wouldn't exist? Could certain key events in history plausibly be changed by that, and which events might they be? (Links to events and objects would be fine--I just need a springboard so I know my research is headed in the right direction.)

Thanks in advance!
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Praise the Lord and...Bless the Ammo?

I've Googled, but all I seem to get is innumerable links to supernatural thrillers and rather violent song lyrics, and I need real-life information.

Is anyone here aware of a real-life instance of someone invoking a Christian or Muslim blessing on ammunition? (If there is such a thing as the blessing of objects in Islam; I am woefully ignorant on that point, and humbly apologize if the question is inappropriate.) Or if it's ever actually been common practice? Time and place don't really matter that much, I just need to know whether it's happened. Also, is there any official church policy (Catholic preferably, but any of the major denominations would do) about such things?

To put it in context, I need to know whether it seems plausible for an earthbound angel, who's been around for all of human history, to be indignant that someone had the gall to bless such a destructive object.

Thanks much!
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Psychiatry and Hospitalization in the 1920s

I have some questions about some specific areas of what psychiatric or hospitalization practices would have occured in the 1920s, but sadly Google likes to focus more on how horrible hospitals and asylums were during that time period and the more brutal, horrific practices that went on and less on the specific, mundane things that happened, so I was hoping for some help:

1.) In an asylum in the early-to-mid-1920s in England, what would be the common treatments for a violent person who suffers from "delusions" and is known to go into hysterics when faced with certain objects (pocket watches are her main trigger, and she won't eat the food unless it is prepared a certain way so she knows what's in it). Basically someone who seems to be a violent paranoid schizophrenic (I say seems to be because her "delusions" aren't really delusions at all, but no one there knows that). What kind of procedures would they put her through? What would they do to keep her restrained or sedated? And how easy would it be for her to commit suicide?

2.) Crossing over the pond to the same time period but in Boston, what would be the treatment for a young man who suddenly, inexplicably goes catatonic for eight years, and yet still seems to be functioning perfectly? (He doesn't eat or sleep and yet he seems in perfect physical health.) What kind of facility would he be kept in, if any? And after he comes out of the catatonic state, if he suffered from lapses of memory and a seeming inability to register his own identity, would he be institutionalized or be treated outside of a hospital? (I also understand that during the Depression, mental health facilities often were overcrowded because people who were poor and homeless would get themselves admitted for the free beds and food.)