July 14th, 2005


Christianity::denomination, Judaism::___________?

I tried this in thequestionclub and i don't think I got a useful answer.
different branches of Christianity are called denominations.
different branches of Wicca are called traditions.
Different branches of Judaism are called __________?

Something that you could say "I converted, but I haven't found a __________ yet."

I'm trying to see if there's a word this character could use and make it obvious that she was Jewish.

Edit: was jewish, in the past tense. She's converted to christianity, and when asked about it she doen't know the word 'denomination' yet and is going to go for the word she knows.
Prier: Sup in this thread?

Werewolves in Japan

I'm not sure, but I really don't think they have any werewolf folklore in Japan. If that's really the case, would the japanese know about werewolf stories or "legends" via other cultures or scary movies? And what would be the closest thing in japanese folklore to werewolves?

I tried searching on mu own, but the infos I got sorta contradicted themselves so I'm just not sure anymore.
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Okay, so apparently I suck at google.

I need a poison that causes stomach pain, vomiting, and fever. Doesn't matter if it comes from a plant, a bug, a snake or a lab.

I'd also love you forever if you give me the antidote and treatment, though it isn't necessary.

If this has been asked already, or is just generally stupid, you have the right to punch me.

Awesome community, by the way.

ETA: Wow. This is really delayed, but you guys rock. I decided to go with nightshade in the end. Thank you!