July 13th, 2005

Maiming legs...

This is set nowish.
Our Heroine was in a car accident as a small child that badly damaged one leg, and now (a decade and change later) requires a cane (unless she wants to, you know, hop everywhere). 1. What kind of injury might have caused that (ie what kind of damage), and 2. What would the leg look like/be unable to do?
I have no idea how to google this. I don't need exact answers or anything, just some idea of *what* could have been damaged such that it 1. would not be repairable, medically, and 2. would not heal eventually, but that would *not* require a wheelchair or walker (at least not that much later)...
Edit: Thanks, I think I've got it.

Speaking of gun-related questions

Does anyone know an on-line resource that could help me identify guns used in movies and TV? Is there a community of fannish gun-buffs or a site with lots of pictures? I can find sites on guns, but I'm trying to find a way to have answers to questions like:

1) In Nick of Time, what kind of gun is Smitty using?
2) What kind of gun is Jones using, and what's with that silencer?

Things like that seem to come up all the time for me. It requires that my source not only be knowledgeable about guns, but also about TV and movies.
Illustmaker me

Viable colony numbers?

Okay--I'm going to start a space colony. No native population to intermarry with.

At a minimum, how many people would be able to get a society going, presuming rough equality in numbers between the sexes? It could be fragile for awhile, and probably first cousin consanguinity would have to be tolerated until the population hit higher levels. I've read a little about population bottlenecks and migration, but still haven't got a good idea about the numbers that would be necessary to get a few generations going and on their feet. Forty? Four hundred?

Does anyone have a good source on this?