July 11th, 2005

Stopping a cut throat bleeding

I do apologize for yet another "injury and illness" question. I spent about forty minutes hunting around, but all I'm turning up is stuff on choking and strep throat.

One of my characters had his throat slit, though it seems like it might be about as un-bad as something like that gets. The cut is fairly shallow and straight across the front of the neck, and he has people nearby who can get him help pretty quickly. I'm just a bit lost as to the sort of first aid that could be used in this situation. I assume that trying to control the bleeding would be pretty important, but how in hell would you do that? I've always heard to use tourniquets or apply direct pressure in the case of normal serious cuts, but here they both seem like they would potentially do more harm than good.

One other thing: I found plenty of anatomy charts that made it clear the human throat is packed full of stuff that just doesn't want messed with. I get that part. What I was never really able to find was any kind of scale for it. How deep can I let that wound be without it killing him before the ambulance gets there?

Bible Quote

Does anyone know a good bible quote on suffering? Notably, one that tells you it's either all part of God's great plan, or that we're stronger than we think, or some such?

So much for those nine years of Catholic school. :0)


Does anyone know what kind of information a person with Alzheimer's might not be able to recall in the beginning-to-middle stages of the disease? When they're still able to hide it, but it's getting bad enough to affect their daily lives?

And this might be harder, but...is there a medication that people take at this stage in the hopes of prolonging their quality of life? Thank you as always.
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Climbing over a barbed wire fence

For years I've wondered how easily one could climb over a barbed wire fence. Now that I have an chance to include such a scene in one of my stories, and Google failing me in this regard, I pose the question here.

How easy is it to climb over a barbed wire fence? Between this one, this one, and this one, which is easier to get over? Would a nearby tree on either side help?A telephone pole? Which side is better?

My character has little time to prepare for such an event, and isn't carrying any equipment to help him (clippers, gloves, etc). He also has to help others get over the fence. He's around twelve years old, a good climber, and pretty strong.

Thanks in advance!
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Exotic Dancers - general information

Hello. I'm looking for general information on exotic dancers. I've been through the memories and read the entry on charge rates so I really don't need to know about those, and searching the web has been somewhat helpful, but I would really like to know more details. The club the character works at is in California and is not an upscale one. I would like to know things like:

- Do the dancers use costumes? Do they bring them from home or does the club provide a selection for them?
- I know strippers have to pay the management to allow them to work there, but how exactly does the process work?
- What do the backstage area look like?
- Do the dancers have a set schedule, or do they work every night? Do they choose their own schedule?
- Any other general information and/or personal experiences would be helpful.

Thank you ahead of time!

Travel in the USA

Can anyone give me a ballpark figure for how long it would realistically take to:
a) drive from the middle of Iowa to Cleveland, Ohio and
b) get from LA (somewhere in the city) to Cleveland, (by plane) and get out of the airport if you didn't check any bags?
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Gun shots to the head

I have a character who shoots himself in the head (gun in his mouth) using a pistol. The character's an ex-WW1 soldier, so the gun itself is from that period (it's not particularly important to the plot what kind of gun it is, except that it's small).
Basically he's positioned sitting up on his bed, against a wall. What I need to know is, how much (if any) of his head would be left - would it be completely blown off, or would there be a small exit wound in the back. Would the bullet go all the way through and hit the wall? The other main character is in bed in the room on the other side of the wall and hears a sort of 'thump' and feel a bit of a vibration. Would that be accurate, or would the shot be more high-pitched?
Thanks in advance. :)
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Gun-related questions

I bet you're tired of these, but...

I have a character who has a bullet embedded in the muscle of the upper arm for 1-2 days. It did not graze the bone, but they can't dig it out. What sort of pain/sideaffects would she be experiencing? After the bullet is removed (surgically, I might add), what aftereffects will there be, what kind of rehabilitation will she have to go through, and how well can she expect the arm to function afterwords? What would be the best way to treat a wound like this while they were getting her to the hospital? What kind of after-operation care would she receive?

Secondly, what's it like to fire a gun? I'm talking handgun here, revolver or something along those lines. Is there much recoil, or anything else that might surprise/scare someone who'd never done it before? What kind of training would someone be put through to learn how to operate one of these? Once again, I'm looking at handguns only.

Thank you for any help :)

More club dancers info needed, and escorts

I just saw someone posted about dancers in club. I need smiilar infos but not exactly the same. If someone knows ...

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This will take place in a post apocaliptic future [EDIT : bad use of word here ><, sorry. This was meant to describe the décor more than the actual state of enocomy and politics. My bad.], so I mostly needs basic ideas of what I'm talking about to be able to extrapolate from there. Thanks!