July 10th, 2005

Carrot and Stick


Mini-summary: a house is cursed; the parents are hideous monsters and the son is like a mute ghost. Now, what kind of exorcism would be best to lift the curse? A description of the ritual and a history of the exorcism would be very much appreciated.
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Tendons - Self-Inflicted Injury Aftereffects

The situation: A character, in his late teens and physically active, slashes the tendons in his legs with a knife. He is treated within the hour.

How visible would this be some ten years later? What therapy would the character have gone under? Would he still be undergoing therapy at this later date?

Thank you so much.
WalterSeras by dasaod

"Claw machines" in England

I spent a long time on Google with no results, so I'm afraid I have yet another question. In England, do they have those "claw machines" where you put in some money and try to "catch" a plush toy? I'm talking about these things. If they do exist, I would like to know what they are called, and if at all possible what they cost (or at least whether they take coins or paper money).

I know they're popular in the U.S. and Japan but for some reason I couldn't find out any information online about where they do and don't exist. If they don't exist there, I don't suppose there's anything remotely similar?

Thanks so much to anyone who can help.

ETA: Thanks to everyone! I got all the information I needed. This is such a great community.
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