July 9th, 2005


Name of an arcade 'game'

There's a game-like thing you get in arcades where you put coins into a slot and attempt to time it so that the coin lands on moving 'platforms' and pushes the coins already there off the edge and down so that the player can collect them.
'Satan's Vice' and 'Current Holders of my Life Savings' are probably not their real name, so does anyone have any clue?

Legal terminology

I was just linked here and think this is a wonderful service.

Can someone tell me if a person is arrested at the time an indictment is 'handed down'?

It is my understanding that when a person is arraigned, they have already been arrested and booked on a charge, and it is then that their bail is set (or denied) and a court date is set.

In between an indictment and an arraignment, can a person legally leave the country?

If this helps to explain: I want my character to be able to go away on a short vacation. He has not been arrested, but he is supposedly about to be indicted on charges of bribing a city official and influencing building contracts. At what point in the legal process would he no longer be able to leave the country?
Final Fantasy VII

Japanese Cabinet Sessions

After spending too long trying to track down this info I'm hoping someone here can help.

Here in Australia, our parliament takes a winter break, a Christmas break and so on. Is this the same for the Diet (Japanese Parliament)? If so, does anyone know when these "breaks" occur?