July 6th, 2005

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Can't. Find. Book. Calling all soda experts.

I know what a 'black cow' means; it's a root beer OR coke float(regionally, shake).
What I can't remember is the book I saw it mentioned. It was NOT a cookbook/recipe book; its cover was not glossily embossed 'retro'. I recall reading a review on the book in Newsweek years ago, but I could be wrong.
I believe it was a book dealing with
a) '50s diners
b) well-known confections of that era, such as black cows and banana splits
and did not have a photograph for its cover. My mind supports the fabrication that the cover was white and illustrated with...typical diner vista. Yes, I'm not being helpful. But I've just spent some hours combing Amazon aided by Google, without success. Please, help!

ETA: Thanks, everyone! I didn't find The Book, but Jane and Michael Stern's are a pretty close match.
On a totally irrelevant note, I was raised in Dallas...
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temporarily immobilizing, but not fatal, injuries from a fall

I've already seen several entries related to falling from a cliff here and elsewhere, so thanks for the help so far, but I still need some specific guidance for my particular situation:

I want a character to fall off a cliff and be immobile from his injuries, but conscious (or in and out). And of course mostly recover once he's found, in a day or two.

What type of injury should he have to meet my needs, poor sod, what medical attention would he need to treat it, how long would it take to recover, and would there be any future physical limitations?

Many thanks!
exclusive- heart books

how to write a convincing fight scene

Anyone have tips for writing a believable fight scene? It's mostly a boxing scene, with some bare-handed wrestling, choking, at the end. I can see it in my head, but I can't get it on the page right.

I know there are groups and guides for writing sex... anything on the other end of the spectrum here?

Those annoying little maze-games

All right, there's got to be someone here who knows this.

What is the proper name for those little plastic maze games with the silver ball, where you have to tilt it around so that the ball goes in the hole at the other end? Do they even HAVE a name? Or do you just call them "those annoying little maze-games, oftentimes Star Wars themed, that get handed out at parties, which nobody really likes"?

Deepest thanks to anybody who's insane enough to actually have a clue about this.
In the rain...

Eye Colours

Hi guys! I grew up in Singapore where there is very little variation of eye colours. Its usually very dark brown. I know there can be a lot of different colours like blue, green, hazel, etc, but what I'm looking for is basically uncommon eye colours that seem, in a way, distant and cool. Sort of like ice blue or something like that. Could anyone suggest some eye colours for me?

EDIT: Thanks guys! I think I like the idea of light green- to the effect of clear water. Thanks again for all the help!
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