July 5th, 2005

Being Drunk, Smoking

So. I don't drink; a character has decided he's going to.


What's it like to be drunk? Personal anecdotes are more than welcome.


Care to tell me what it feels like smoking a cigarette? Completely normal tobacco cigarette, nothing fancy. I know how it smells, but, uh. Beyond that, nothing.

Thanks much!

geeks and video games

If you were a geek — a real geek, a knows-five-programming-languages, pimply, greasy, never-have-and-never-will-see-a-real-live-girl-naked geek — what sort of video game console(s) would you have? And if you were moving, and could only take one of them with you, which one would it be? What games would you play on it?

Similarly, because I am several years out of the anime/manga scene, what would be the geekiest shows to be into circa today? It's okay if they haven't been brought over into English yet, but at least being in fansubs would be good.

(Yes, I realize these answers would vary from geek to geek, but I'm trying to get a general sense here.)

Thanks absolutely tons; this community is awesome!

(And absolutely no offense meant to any geeks in the audience. Everything is said with love, not to mention appreciation of your expertise.)

edit;Ahhhh, you guys are being so helpful I don't even know where to start! So, my apologies for not commenting back to everyone! Anyway, I think it looks like I'm going to go the PC-gaming route; I know he's taking his computer with him, and it looks like that's probably the thing most-suited to his personality. I figure he probably left a couple consoles back home, though, so I'll refer back here when need be. Really, thanks again!
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Sacred Texts

I came across this website that might be helpful to people in this community. The Internet Sacred Text Archive has thousands of sacred texts(in electronic form), from the Bible, the Qu'ran and the Tanakh(Hebrew Bible), to the sacred texts of Confucianism, Taoism, and even texts about Freemasonry. All of it is free, but they also have a CD you can buy with all of the texts on it. I think it's a handy site for anyone researching different religions for their story.
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Celeb - Topher - Rock On

Legal Question and Technical Question

I have a few questions which are entirely different subjects, but for the same piece I'm working on. One pertaining to the laws of physics and the others pertaining to California State Law.

1. In California, how many sentenced years would a First, Second, or Third degree attempted murder get you?

2. In California, how many years would you get for statutory rape?

3. If I were to have video footage of someone falling of a building or bridge that was too far away to make out details, could I take that video to someone and have them apply the law of physics to determine that it could not possibly have been a human being that fell? Or could they use special equipment to zoom in enough to make out that it wasn't a person? And if so, who would I take this video to?

Thank you ahead of time!