July 2nd, 2005

well MY characters...

Broken (Collar)bone Aftereffects

Hello people! Urgent, urgent question here:

1) What would be the aftereffects of a fully-healed broken collarbone? Would the range of motion be at all inhibited? Would the area be affected in any way - usual bruise/soreness/stg.? Anything else?

2) The sources I've checked all say about 12 weeks to fully heal, 5-8 of these weeks with a sling/figure-eight strap. What does a healing fracture feel like?

Any help you could offer would be extremely highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Church organist/piano-player pay?

What might a person get paid for playing the piano/organ at a church? Would it be per service, so they got paid more during christmas week with the multiple services then, or a flat per week pay?

I imagine this would also depend on the size of the congregation. say... 200 or so? or is that too small to actually pay an organist?
(would it be even further different with a catholic church, with the whole parish(sp) thing going on?)

(my church just let the organist and her elder/sunday school teacher/bell ringer husband live free in a house owned by the church, but this character has a place to stay and needs money)

(somewhat crossposted to thequestionclub)