July 1st, 2005

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Maids; addressing a butler in contemporary England

How would maids in a household address the butler of the household in contemporary England? By his first name, his last name, Mr. (last name), or something else? And maids these days are simply called "maids" not parlormaids or something old-fashioned like that? Or am I wrong?

(I realize not so many houses employ butlers these days but this one is canon, and in a very large home.)

Thanks so much to anyone who can help. I did try Google but between ads for butler training and people named "Butler" I didn't get far.
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Diet/recovery after partial gastrectomy

Okay, this question is rather specific, but maybe someone can help me anyway. I have a character who will need to have a partial gastrectomy soon (if you want to get even more specific - an antrectomy, only removing the lower part of the stomach). It's NOT because of cancer, but rather because of an ulcer that is bleeding acutely.

I figured out the recovery phase of it with the help of the net. But I couldn't find anything on diet restrictions, if there even are any. I suppose he'd get nutrition via IV for the first 2-3 days, then slowly back to solid food and once his stomach is "stretched" (for the lack of a better word) he can eat normally again?

But is there any type of food that is bound to make problems? And how long until he could eat normally again? (usually, I know that this is not an exact science ;) The healing goes without complications, so that's not a factor.

And would he have to take any supplements? Like iron?
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Weather sites and bail.

I was wondering about a few things. I used google to try and find a weather site that would allow me to look for the average weather for a certain area and year, but nothing came up. Specifically, I'm looking for the percipitation rate and average weather for Iowa in 1953. Is there a place I could use to find this out?

I'm also wondering about the rules regarding bail and the like. If an adult male is charged with murdering a minor, is there a possible way for him to stay out of jail before the trail? Perhaps a bail is met? I'm assuming he would be told to not leave town, or would be under house arrest. Is this possible? Would he be released into someone's custody, or just watched. I'm talking a very small town in US, during the late '50s. I just need some legal way for him to be out of the jail before the trail.

Thank you in advance.

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Song Lyrics Translation Issue

Hello, I'm new here and I'd just like to say that this community rocks! ^___^

Anyways, I'm having an issue figuring out some lyrics that are originally in French. I know that multilingual is for translation purposes, not this community, but it states in their rules not to ask to translate lyrics. =( Anyways, I've kinda figured out most of the meanings of the lines (I think, but I could be totally wrong) but there are a few that I can't quite get. So if someone could help me out with those as well as check over what I've already got done to make sure it's right (more or less, I need meaning over preciseness), I'd be very grateful.


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Weather in Deserts

I figure I really should know the answer to this -_-

What would we be looking at for weather conditions in regards to rain on a very large fantasy-esque city built on the oceanline of a desert? It's built on top of an oasis as well, if that helps. ^^ How often, how hard would we be seeing rain? Would we see thunder? Lightning? Is there a rainy reason?

*REALLY should know this >_>*