June 29th, 2005


High School Detention in the USA

Before bombarding them with zombies, I would like my teenage heroes to briefly meet in detention (or whatever fancy PC term they may use for that these days). The problem is, I was a good girl and have never had detention and have no idea what that's like. What does one do in detention anyway? How long is it? When does it happen (after school? weekend?)? Etc. So if anyone could volunteer some information on that, that would be awesome.

I also need help figuring out how to get them all in there. Three of the kids are the sort that could get into fights, graffiti the walls, light trashcans on fire and be generally troublesome. The other two, not so much. So, how can I get one smart computer geek and one quiet average guy into detention, too? They can screw up, get caught up in circumstances or have unfair teachers, but I guess my question boils down to: What sort of things are detention-able offenses?

I hope that wasn't too vague. I need to stop thinking 3am is a good time to do things. So, I'll clarify if I need to. Thanks for any help you can give me.

EDIT: Wow. Thanks. Looks like I could have gone with my instincts (and vague memories of The Breakfast Club) for what happens in dentention and been okay just because of the sheer variety of ways that's handled. I feel better knowing, though. And I have a variety of reasons to put people in detention, too. Ooh. I think my geek will correct a teacher who doesn't like to be corrected. She would hate to hear incorrect info in a class. The average kid can just be frequently tardy.
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Betamax in Japan

I've scanned this site, but for the purposes of the story I need a specific period and place.

When did Betamax become obsolete in Japan? I get the idea that turnover for technology is faster there, so when did the general public start junking it?

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Thanks for your help!
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If my character is high on coke or speed (or something else you could suggest), how long would she stay high? Would she crash hard when she came down? I need her shaky but coherent about 12 hours after taking the drug. Thank you as always!
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Slow deaths and stabbing

I'm looking for a way to kill someone that will condemn them to a slow and painful death (hours to days), but not take that much time on the part of the killer (i.e., "I want you to suffer, but why should I have to make a hole in my schedule for you?"). Magic is a possibility, poison isn't, and I want it to be something that can't be repaired. It's a setting with low technology, but decent medical knowledge.

Unrelated, what kind of injury would you expect from someone who's been stabbed through the hand with a very sharp object about the size of a standard knitting needle, maybe a little smaller? I'm envisioning a wound that goes into the palm at an angle and comes out between two of the knuckles? What damage would that do, and what would the recovery time be like?
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long-term illness

I need a slow, long-term illness other than HIV or cancer. Something that would weaken the victim, perhaps leave them bedridden and requiring permanent care, but not kill them.

You know the classic "bedridden Mama" character, who lives upstairs and has a personal maid who cares for her and has been this way for years, just refusing to die? I need what she has.
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Mod post

Tags: I changed the tag permissions so that only maintainers are able to add tags to posts. This keeps the tag definitions at least marginally consistent, since I've changed the categories and haven't bothered to explain them yet.

Subject lines: A lot of you are forgetting to give your posts descriptive subject lines. Consider this your friendly reminder.

A bad descriptive subject line: Hi, I have a medical question
A good descriptive subject line: shooting someone in the knee

Just basically ask yourself what would make it easy to find your specific question from the memories or calendar.

Japanese in Hawaii in WWII?

I've recently been bitten by a WWII plot bunny, and I want to start compiling information and resources on Japanese-Americans and Japanese citizens in Hawaii around the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Particularly, I'm looking for information on how they were treated, and particularly a timeframe for when they were rounded up to be taken to relocation camps on the mainland. Could anyone suggest some good websites or books on this subject? Thanks in advance!
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