June 28th, 2005

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Death in England - no money

I was just wondering, if someone died and they had no relatives/friends or, they did have relatives but they had no money - how would they be buried? Is there still such a thing as a paupers grave? .e.g. unmarked? Or would the local council pay? What if there was no one to arrange the funeral?

I am referring to England only.

Thanks in advance.
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I have a question relating to Mongolia. I have a character who wants to integrate himself into a culture and basically fall off the face of the planet. I’ve heard that northern Mongolia is really good for disappearing into, but I don’t know how true or feasible this is.

He has almost no money, and what he’d like to do is join a tribe and stay with them for an indeterminate amount of time. He’s able to learn languages relatively easily, and would be able to pick up some Mongolian before he left.

What I’d really like to know is if it’s possible for him to do this? To join a tribe, learn their trade and skills and stay with them. If you could think of a better place (another country, region, ect) that would work better, I would be very grateful for your input.

If you have any other questions or need more information, I'll be happy to provide it.

Killing with bare hands

Is it actually possible to break someone's neck with one's bare hands? If so, how much noise is there likely to be and how quickly will the victim actually go down and stay down?

This method of killing seems to be in the media a lot (Buffy, Mr and Mrs Smith and Star Trek are just three I can name), but I'm not even sure if it actually works.
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What would a theme park control room look like?

Okay, my story contains biker vampires (yes, I was inspired by The Lost Boys, how did you guess?), and their "lair" is in the control room of an abandoned theme park. I know it is, because that's what is has to be--- I just had the narrator walk down a whole hell of a lot of stairs to get there.

My problem is... What does the control room of a themepark look like? Of what, as specifically as can be, would it consist? How big would you want it to be? Is having it so far removed from the rest of the park (it doesn't have to be as far as I've got it) a bad idea?

A lot of the answers to the questions might not matter in the end, as the park's been abandoned for a good twenty years and the vampires have probably completely destroyed the room, but knowing what it would have looked like will help me figure out how it looks now.

Edited to Add
Additional questions:

  • I haven't been to many themeparks (exactly one, in fact), so this question will probably seem stupid, but what kind of themed attractions are there at a themepark besides roller coster rides and theatre shows?
  • Out of what do they usually make the on-surface scenery in a themepark? What would be practical? Would it be difficult to destroy such scenery, or otherwise negatively interact with it (i.e. pulling down the themepark's fake doric columns)?
  • What would happen if the themepark's owner lost a ton of money on the themepark and closed it down, but couldn't find anybody to buy it from him? Where would all of the stuff go? Would they cart away the cars on the rollercoasters and the aforementioned doric columns?
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Serbian mythology

Does anyone know where I can find more information on the Smaj? My Google search pretty much just brings up that page and nothing else of use. I'm looking at different Eastern European mythologies in order to create a religion for my vampire characters. I was intrigued by that tidbit of Serbian mythology and I'd like to learn more. Does anyone of a site or even a book that would have more information? Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

Hey everyone...

I posted a month or so ago asking about car trouble info, and first of all I wanted to say thank you for all of your stories and information. It's been more helpful than you could know.

Secondly, I was wondering if any of you knew good books/websites/resources/etc through which to research the Romani (or Romanian people, or Romanian Gypsies, I'm uncertain which is the correct term.) I'm looking for a history of the people, specifically the nomadic tribes, both past history and present culture. Any pointers on where to find/look for such info would be appreciated, I got rather frighteningly overwhelmed looking for this stuff at the New York Public Library (normally something of my second home), and though this community might be a more accessible place to start.

Best writing thoughts to all.
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Perforating Glass

How would one go about cutting a hole in a wine glass without breaking said glass? The less complicated the technology involved, the better.

Let's just say that I have no problem getting stuck with absurd writing assignments, but when the absurdity skirts that close to the physically impossible, I find that I need help with the fine details. :)

Thank you all in advance!