June 26th, 2005

Feudal Japanese Farming & Garb

The subject's rather self-explanitory, but ... I have a family of three characters (father, mother, and their eight-year-old son) in pre-Tokugawa Japan -- the late 1500's. They own a farm in Edo or its outskirts.

Q1: I'm trying to veer away from rice. What else could their farm consist of? Any other flora or fauna would do.

Q2: Would the son "traditionally" be asked to help out on the farm? If so, what tasks would he be assigned?

Q3: What sort of clothing would this family (preferably all three) wear?

Thanks in advance. I am not worthy.

farm machinery question

Can anyone give me the name of a large piece of farm machinery - big enough that a fall from one might result in injury - that might be used on a corn-growing farm, and which it might be likely/believable that two people would be standing on it, such that if one almost fell off, the other would be able to catch hold of an arm and haul them back up.
nine and rose

Eye Question

Hi guys. First time posting here.

Anyway, I'm writing this children's story and I just wanted to know if anyone here knows of an illness that can directly affect the child's vision - making it blurry, or needing glasses of some sort, etc. that can given him/her a fever, or at least make him/her bedridden for a while.

Even a URL or website pointing me in the right direction will be helpful.

Thanks very much! ^_^
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