June 25th, 2005


Hospital chairs

What type of chairs would be in a patient's room in a hospital? And how many? The last time I was in a hospital was ten years ago, so I really don't remember. The patient has been in a coma for a couple of years, and wouldn't have any visitors, if that'll change anything. Thank you in advance.
the eye of god

I'd enjoy being a girl -- or at least writing about one.

I can't believe this hasn't been asked:

I have in mind a story that I feel the protagonist of ought to be female.

I myself am not.

Does anyone have any hints or suggestions for how a man can get a female perspective?

If it helps, she's single, young adult (well, about my age, so late 20s), in New York, doing what 40 years ago would be thought of as a man's job -- and in a field where a good-sized minority may well still think that way, although that's not central to the story.
Lady of Shalott

Consequesnces of drunk driving

If a guy, say age 17 or 18, was driving under the influence, got in a crash, and killed someone, what would be likely to happen to him? Surely some jail time, but how much? And how hard would it be for him to find employment after he gets out? Would it be difficult to see him working with various charities (especially a child-oriented charity like the Boy's and Girl's Club)?

It probably differs by state and country; I'll pick a location for this to happen after I read the answers.
Ame- Daisy by

Help with Star Trek DS9 Term...

I'm trying to spell latenum, as is gold pressed latenum. I've been to several DS9 sites, and have even read through the Rules of Acquisition, but I can't find the word to check the spelling. Help please!

Thanks much everyone! I just love this place!

Edit:Thank you all so much! I found it! Latinum!
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