June 21st, 2005


survivable jump into water

I googled waterfall jumping, figuring it was pretty similar to what my characters are attempting in this intense getaway thing, but I couldn't find anything about actual heights of the cliffs where people have jumped and actually survived.

For the sake of describing the stunt, how high can a person jump into water without being injured? They're allowed to be winded, sure, even possibly enough to not come back up right away. The water can be as deep as I need it to be, so that's not a question. And if necessary, describe how one would need to hit the water to minimize pain/injury (I was assuming of course, as far from belly-or-back-flopping as possible, more like a toothpick landing than anything, but I've never done this before, and I don't go swimming enough to try it out in a pool... nor would I want to try getting injured just to find out...) So far I assumed a hundred feet, but I'm terrible at picturing measurements of space in my head without seeing an example and someone saying, "that's about a hundred feet."

So.. yeah. Any help you can provide would be.... helpful. *nods* yeah.

[EDIT]And if anyone can provide me with personal expirience accounts of what it was like when you hit the water, that would be even better!! <3 [/edit]
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Greenwich Village coffee shops

Hi! This is my first time posting here, so I apologize if this is too vague.
I'm working on a story that's set in Greenwich Village, NY and I need the name and if possible, a little info about any coffee houses/shops that you may know of near Jones and Cornelia on Bleeker St. Thanks bunches.
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Blindness in infants.

Hi, I'm a newbie here!

I'd like to ask how blindness in babies or infants is discovered. I'm writing something about a 7-months-old becoming blind through poisoning. Babies do not focus on one object for long, so I guess it'd probably be hard to tell if a baby is blind or not under normal circumstances. I'm having trouble deciding how the parents could finally reach the conclusion that their child is blind.

I'd like to know if anyone has experiences with this kind of situation? How do parents of blind children first discover that they're blind?
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Infrared Vision and Doctors' Schedules

Where could I get some useful information on the infrared spectrum? Pretty much all I know is what it is, and I'm not even totally sure of that. I've seen pictures and video footage taken with a night-vision camera - is that the same thing? I'd basically like to know what and how well one can see that way; I have a character who can ONLY see in the infrared spectrum and I have no idea how well she'd be able to get along in the world. It's modern-day magic, so while she was diagnosed eventually, until then they tried things like glasses on her . . . which was a problem, since I'm assuming she can't see through transparent things very well, if at all. I'm figuring she can't percieve light at all (unless she's looking at the source and it's hot), so hopefully she isn't completely blind during the day, but I have no idea if this actually makes sense, either.

My other question is a lot less complicated - do non-emergency-care doctors ever have really insane hours? I'd think they need someone at the hospital at odd hours to do urgent but non-emergency care, at least. I'm hoping for Japanese info as well as American.

Thanks everybody!