June 20th, 2005

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Non-lawyers working at law firms

What's the highest position a person without a degree--both a law degree and a regular old college degree--could legally attain at a law firm?

More specifically, the situation is this: Protagonist dropped out of college as an act of rebellion; he was supposed to follow in his father's footsteps and become a lawyer. Now he's 25 and finally caving into his aging father's demands. His father, who's a senior, founding partner of a successful firm, wants to use his weight to get Protagonist a job. How far up the ladder could this nepotism carry him? I'm looking for a position above a secretary, but obviously, below anything you need to be licensed for. What would be the job title be, and what basic duties would it involve?

Thanks very much!
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Acronym question.

I have a character that attends college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Is it abbreviated as 'MIT' or 'M.I.T.'? I've seen it both ways in the press; I just need to know the 'correct' way. I'm leaning towards 'MIT', but I'm not sure.


Public Defenders

In the U.S. justice system "if you cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed to you." Who are these appointed lawyers? Are they all working in the Public Defender's office or is it conracted out? Would this type of lawyer ever prosecute a case? In this case the PD knows the case extremely well and even defended the previous accused. Would it be feasible for him to be used/hired by the District Attorney?

Any suggestions on how I could make this work?

WW2 question

Can anyone recommend any reading on the history of the European Resistance before and during WW2? The specific timeframe is 1937 to 1941, particularly in Czechoslovakia, Austria, Italy, and anywhere they ran refugee trains either to Switzerland or a port city so people could escape Nazi/Fascist-ruled areas.

Thank you!

Seizure info needed for fic

Okay, in the story that I'm writing, a character drinks an alien drink. He ends up having a severe reaction to it.

So, what I need to know is: What are some symptoms of seizures? Besides, the whole typical body shaking thing, what else happens? Are there different types of seizures? How badly do they damage the brain? Can they cause memory loss? If they do cause memory loss, how long would it take for someone to recover from that? Can you blackout from them, if so, how long are you out of it? What kind of chemicals could trigger a seizure? Any kind that wouldn't trigger immediately, a slow build up, perhaps only after the blood gets pumping really fast? (Guess I'm thinking sort of like a snake bite thing here, where you feel the effects of it steadily. But must maintain a calm, slow pulse, so the venom doesn't effect you as fast.)

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Anybody know Chauvelin's first name (from the Scarlet Pimpernel). I got a challenge to write a fic involving him, and my copy of the book is miles away!

Also, anybody know medical information from about that time? I mean, did they know about concussions?