June 18th, 2005


Tests for a teenage patient presenting with severe migraines.

Scenario: Dr. M is an intelligent individual who specializes in neurology and gross trauma to the head (if both specializations in one person are unrealistic please let me know, but I need him to specialize in the head/cranium/brain in one way or another). A seventeen-year-old male violinist, a friend of his, meets him at his clinic after-hours to be tested privately because of a series of increasingly more debilitating migraines. Time is not an issue.

Questions: What tests would the doctor run? What equipment is necessary? Would that equipment be in his clinic, a private one for the well-heeled in modern-day Kumamoto, Japan? Would assistants be needed to run any of the tests? Are there any tests the doctor can do himself? How long would it take for results to arrive? Would the doctor be able to interpret the results himself? (The cause of the migraines is not physical, so nothing will show up on the scans, but I assume there's some medico-babble way of saying "You aight, son.")

Thanks for any light you guys can shed on this matter. I don't even know how to begin searching on this one.

Blood loss

What's the limit on the amount of blood a person can lose and still survive? Googling "blood loss" hasn't really helped. I need to know how much blood my vampire character can take from a victim without killing said victim. Thanks!
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Amputation of wings on winged humanoid.

Since you can't give me wing-amputation examples, I'm asking for speculation, but this is basically the same question as "what are the major issues about amputating an arm at the shoulder with medieval medicine?"

We have, going for our characters:
- This is a completely voluntary cosmetic surgery. There is no infection, they can make pretty close to a sterile environment.
- There is access to magic if totally necessary, but I'd rather not.
- There is easy access to unlimited amounts of dumb luck. If everyone is expecting this to fail miserably, that's fine, so long as there's a chance it can go well.

The patient is about thirteen or fourteen years old, in good shape, and has been flying and using those muscles recently.

From what I have been able to find, I've determined that the best technique for this would be to drug the patient as best possible, tie her down, saw off the offending limbs as skillfully as possible, cauterize the wound, and then keep it clean and bandaged. Any naysayers?

I know that the back is not going to look neat and clean, but with a loose shirt and knapsack over any remaining stubs, I'm hoping she'll be able to pass for human. (Yes, there are muscular and skeletal differences that would give her away if anyone was looking for them, but we'll do our best to disguise that.)

Issues and Questions:

- Will sterilization of tools with fire and cauterization be enough to stave off infection? (I'm asking for a good chance, not certainity.) If not, what? Are any herbs useful here? Having high-proof alcohol would take some fiangling, but possible.

- Being a major limb, there are plenty of blood vessels going to and from the wings. The acting surgeon is going to take the wing off as close to the back as possible. Is a tourniquet necessary? How long will they have, between the first severed artery and cauterization, before the character loses more than a pint and so of blood?

- Will the character be capable of carrying a knapsack across her back? Within three months? I assume so because prosthetics put pressure onto the place where the limb was amputated.

- How long will it take for this to heal well enough for the patient to walk around and act normally?

- Are there any certain things that I'm just forgetting?

This is a sketch to give you a general idea of what kind of wings we're dealing with, if it matters.

Making this amputation work is one of the most important plotlines, so I'm pretty flexible on how to actually execute it. Any information you have would be highly appreciated.

Emotions of adoptive parents

Here's the scenario.

Protagonist and Protagonist's Wife end up raising an orphaned baby who is about a year old or perhaps less. The child was orphaned by a senseless act of violence. The parents had been friends of Protagonist; in fact, the baby girl's father had saved Protagonist's life once. As per the customs of their culture, Protagonist and Protagonist's Wife are raising the baby girl as their own.

Protagonist is sterile, and never considered being a father before.

Protagonist's Wife very much wanted a child, and had once had a child who died, but would never speak of wanting another child, nor wish harm to befall anyone else so she could have a child. Furthermore, she'd chosen Protagonist fully knowing he was sterile, because he was the love of her life.

What are some of the emotions these two might be feeling... toward the child, toward themselves, toward each other?

How long does it take for parents to bond to an adopted child?
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Opening a Boarding School in England

Hi, i'm hoping someone here could help me, or at least point me in the direction of some useful links. I have tried googling but i just can't seem to find what i want. I'm not so good at the searching.

I have a few questions all related to mostly the same thing:

-Presuming money isn't a problem, how hard is it to open a private (pay for) boarding school. In england specifically. What i basically want to know is, if you have the money, a sutible location and are able to hire teachers etc. then what do you need to do to open one. Are there laws you have to go through and do you need a license for this?

-Also, say you manage to open this school. If you wanted to limit the people who go to the school- firstly if you want only female students does that effect the things mentioned above? Also say you only wanted to take certain people based on traits you could not tell people about- would that cause problems? Could you be sued for discrimination?

The background is i'm writing a fanfiction based the buffyverse. I want them to open a boarding school for slayers and i was wondering how easy that is, and if anyone can do that if they have the money needed etc.

And with the second question, they only want to take slayers, but they do not want to tell people about them only accepting slayers, they just want it to be seen as a normal school. So they will turn applicants away using false excuses if the girl is not a slayer. Could this cause them to be sued for discrimination or something if the excuse they used wasn't good enough?

Final question is that will the school be listed on things like league tables, (i'm not sure if private schools are but i think they must be),and other lists that people may look at when looking for a school or can they choose not to? Also things like being in the phone book etc. (I assume thats volutary?) Also would you have Ofsted and other inspectors coming round etc?

I hope these are not to general, and that someone can help. I dont want to go into too much details about it in my story but i would like to know basics and of course that it is even possible. I'm playing with the idea of them just keeping it all hush-hush- but i would rather it not be.

I will be very grateful of any help that you can give me. I'm not sure about how to do the tag thing yet so i won't do that just to mention... dont want to screw it up...
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Ghost stories

Can anyone tell me any ghost stories or general urban legends associated with the London Underground? In fact, ghost stories related to any underground train network? (I'm writing fanfiction and I need a character to tell a ghost story, although I may not reproduce the whole of it.)

I already know the legends surrounding Aldwych and the British Museum, but I'd love to hear some more. Thanking you all very kindly. :)
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A Medical Question...

Hey, I've been hanging around here for a while, and though what little expertise I have in some areas has yet to be needed, I do have a question I've been pondering that can only be answered by people with experience with the field of injuries.

Here's the Scenario: The Protagonist is half god, so she's basically a lot more tough than an average human. So when hit in the left side of the head by a bullet at eye level, it doesn't kill her or make her bleed to death. However because she's not invincible she would still have serious injury done to her eye socket on that side. Let's say the bullet is an 18 millimeter fired from a pistol if that helps. So I'm certain that the bullet would destory her eye and optic nerve making her blind, but would it necessarily be enough force to knock the eye out of the socket leaving a hole or would most of the eye remain in the socket?

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