June 16th, 2005


Work Visa Question

Okay, bare with me here, this might get a little complicated.

1. What does the physical work visa documentation look like for any given country? i.e. Is it a piece of paper, a card of some sort?

2. If you lose said documentation, how easy/difficult is it to obtain a replacement? In other words, would it delay your ability to work in another country for a certain amount of time? If so, are there certain countries that are slower in dealing with these sort of matters? (I'm looking for a foreign (outside U.S.) country that would have a huge deal with losing the initial paper work, refuse to let you work without it, and take the longest amount of time to replace the documentation.)

eta: thanks everyone for the help :) Looks like Korea is the lucky winner.
WalterSeras by dasaod

Cutting through a chain-link fence.

I tried google and got conflicting answers. One site said "anyone with wire-cutters" could cut through a chain-link fence, and another said it takes a pair of shears.

I realized there are different "gauges" of fence and that's probably part of the issue. This is an ordinary (permanent) fence, and the person trying to cut it is a sixteen-year-old girl who isn't exceptionally strong. Would she be able to do it with a tool that could be carried in a pocket?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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