June 14th, 2005


informing partner of death of mother in childbirth

I never imagined I'd ever really need to use this community as anything other than general interest and curiosity. Hopefully I'll be able to articulate myself reasonably enough at such a late hour.


First and foremostly, all in a hopsital. I suppose it could really be anywhere in the world, so hopefully some country fits the bill.

Delivery woman person delivers a baby, and the mother dies. (doesn't matter how, in the story) A doctor is present. For the purposes of my story, I absolutely need the delivery woman person to tell the husband the news. Is this feasible? The doctor mentions that he'll go and talk with the father in a few minutes, but it is the woman who needs to do the news-breaking. (not so she can fall in love with the bereaved husband, none of those cliches here thank you! just so she can walk through a specific door and look sad when she comes out again. *grin*)

Also, would he be told in "The Family Room"? Or in the hall? or just anywhere? I assume they'd take him somewhere quiet. Hopefully the Family Room. Or is there a bad news room? I need there to be a specific room!

If it is the woman who informs the husband... how long would it take? five minutes? half an hour? He refuses to see the child, would that mean she'd stay longer, or would that be an issue she wouldn't have to deal with?

Please please please tell me what I want to hear. *grin*

This community is amazing.

I didn't have the first idea where to begin searching for any of the above, I apologise if it is entirely obvious to some of you out there. You're just better than me, that's all.

Thanks very much in advance. :)
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Tarantula info.

SO. I'm looking for a Tarantula.

a BIG one. a big, low maintanance one. That lives long.

(is a character's pet, y'see).

the time is generally the present (1990s onward).

I need one that has a chillin' enough (pardon the phrase) temperment that he/she could stand hiding under this character's hat for short amounts of time without, y'know, biting him. Or something.

/let's hear it for specific Questions. :3

Edit: I'm going to use the Mexican Red/Orangeknee Tarantula. Seems best.
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Names Help...

Hi! I just joined this community recently (actually 2 mins ago)... Well... I was thinking if anyone could give me ideas of girl's names meaning dark, darkness, night... or something to that effect... I'm helping a friend look up a name for a new character. Thanks... I'm glad I found this community!
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Names in the Victorian Era

I'm almost positive I've seen a post similar to this, but I can't find it anywhere. So, here goes.

I'm looking for a list of names that would have been common for people alive in the late Victorian Era. That is to say, they would have been born around 1845 - 1860. I know that nobody was named, y'know, Roxie or Lil' Bow-Wow and names were (what we call today) traditional like Alice or Mary, but I just want to check with something to make sure I'm not naming my characters things that were disastrously wrong for that time.

Thankyou to anyone who can help.
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Early '90s gay icon or boytoy

Can anybody point me to a gay icon or boytoy-of-the-moment that a guy might've been told he resembled by someone hitting on him in early 1995? Preferably someone who's not too famous anymore--someone who might make a punchline on I Love the '90s. Thanks.
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Okay, horror stories, and other things.

It's basically a horror story I'm writing, and I'm interested in the normal cliches of the horror genre. People twisting their heads around is something common. Zombies and kids getting lost, that too.

However, I want to know about psychology things that could make it scary. Not insane, not exactly. They have to be like an idiot savant; putting things together before everybody else, noticing things that could help them, but if they missed a day of their meds they'd go Jason.

I'm planning on bizarre things happening in the story all around the world, including zombies. People will take care of the zombies pretty easily, but there will be other things that will scare them.


1) What would be out of the ordinary so much that would make people know that something is wrong? There are going to be magical people in the story; witches, wizards, vampires, that sort of thing. But it's like current day wherever-you-live. The technology is the same, because magic and technology don't mix, no matter what they try. (If somebody was hurt, they'd have to choose magic to heal them, or technology. Then they'd have to stick with that one.)

What would make people aware that something was wrong, pretty much? Signs of the Apocalypse, the Black Plague, stuff like that.

2) My Google and Yahoo-fu is weak right now, so another question. What were signs that a person had the Black Plague? Where there any signs of illness right away, any "I'm going crazy!" type things?

3) Would you be able to have a character reading a book that was written in real life? Like Harry Potter, Sandman comics, stuff like that, without getting in trouble? Can you also have a part in a restaurant that exists, like McDonald's, without getting in trouble?

4) Could a sixteen year old live on their own? The sixteen year old in question is the idiot savant I mentioned before. She's good at remembering her meds, and she can drive pretty well, stuff like that. If so, what kind of jobs would be open for her?

That ended a lot longer than I thought, but oh well.

Thank you in advance.
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