June 13th, 2005

well MY characters...

Clouds, Falls and Effects, and Treating Said Effect.

Three questions, same story. I'm not violent, really.

1) How thick do stratus/nimbostratus clouds tend to be, from topside to bottom? Those mountain-hugging ones? (Google's hating on me and serving up some density nonsense.)

2) What effect would falling forty feet onto one's (left) shoulder have? Breaking the arm in more than one place, I'm assuming, but there would be other effects from the fall, like to the back/neck/spine because of the impact, correct? Also, what level of pain might this cause? (immediate/numbing? manageable/overpowering? Person able to concentrate on other things, or absolutely distracted by wound?)

3) How would said effect be treated? Person goes has a friend with her (she's out in the wilderness,) and goes first to his house, then to a hospital or something and passes the wound off as a bad biking accident. How would the friend/friend's mother react deal with the wound while they're waiting for an ambulance? (is an ambulance even necessary?)
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Near-Fatal Car Accident Injuries/Recovery

You all are so helpful with the medical stuff, I thought I'd pick your brains.

My protagonist's father was just in a terrible car accident on the Los Angeles freeways. He is touch-and-go for the first couple of days - they're not sure if he's even going to live. So Question 1 is, what kind of injury might he suffer in a car accident that would leave his life hanging in the balance for a day or so?

I need my character and her father to be able to have a conversation at some point within a few days of his accident (no more than a week). So Question 2 is, is that reasonable, based on whatever injuries he has in Question 1?

I've been blessed enough not to ever have to rush off to see a family member in the hospital, so any other details about visiting hours, what wing he'd be in, etc, would be helpful. Doesn't matter which hospital, as long as it's in LA.

how do they rise

Mod Post!

And yet again, I've gotten off my ass long enough to actually do my job as the head mod! (And I say this like I should get a biscuit.)

Anyway. I'm actually working on getting through the memories again, filing away questions in their appropriate categories so that we'll actually, eventually have large areas of reference on several broad subjects that people can look up. It'll cut down on some more common questions, and if nothing else some of them are just interesting to read. I've also added a handful of new categories--including one, Community Info, which is going to have THIS post in it. Because it's occurred to me that people ought to know what, exactly, goes into each category, because the names are pretty general.

So, for reference, here are the categories and what gets sorted into them:

Community Info - Exactly what it sounds like. Probably won't have much in it besides this post, and the occasional mod note about comm changes.

Darwin's Grab Bag - This is the category that posts with a bunch of unrelated, but still useful, questions and answers go into. If you ask about Japanese baths, airplane food, and the price of tea in Switzerland, here's where the post winds up.

Drug Questions - Another one that's exactly what it sounds like. Any question about prescription, over-the-counter, or highly illegal substance goes here.

Language Questions - A bigger category than you'd think(keeping in mind how horribly behind I am on getting things filed into it). Lots of questions and answers about accents, language use, grammar rules of [insert language here], or [insert language here] names.

Legal Questions - Another category that's bigger than you'd think. Questions about courts, legal procedure, etcetera.

Mechanical Questions - Machinery questions--from guns to cars to train wrecks--go here.

Medical Questions - This is going to be a HUGE category once I'm caught up, I can already tell. Injuries, illness, traumas and disorders abound.

Physical Questions - Slightly different from Medical Questions in a hard-to-define way, usually because the questions don't involve anyone having to go to the hospital. Things like breast-binding, hair growth, height/weight questions, things like that.

Porny Questions - Do I really need to explain? If it's sex-related, it goes here.

Regional Questions - Any questions about how this or that works in a certain part of the world: politics, government, technology, health care systems, accents(some things get cross-memoried between this and Language Questions in that respect).

Religious Questions - Anything pertaining to a religion, obviously. Cults and weird subsects of humanity that sort of resemble religion included.

Resource Links - Posts from helpful people who provide links that can help people find answers our members can't provide. Some are already on the community info page, but here they are again.

Technological Questions - Again, this differs slightly from Mechanical Questions in a hard-to-define way. Usually it deals with questions about very sophisticated technology, like computers, or 'what sort of technology would [place/time period] have access to?' questions. (These categories are why I felt it necessary to explain what goes where, incidentally.)

More categories may be added as I find the need for them, but for now that's all we've got. Now I'm going back to the backlog, of which there's about a metric ton--but hopefully it'll be worth it in the end.

Oh--on an unrelated but still modly note, I've been receiving the occasional complaint that we're getting a lot of questions about "how should I write this situation?" or "what can I do in my story to make this happen?". These are valid questions, ones every writer asks themselves, but they're not what the community is for. We tell you how to get the details right in your story when you don't know them yourself--we don't tell you how to actually WRITE your story, or how to get past a difficult place in your plot. Personally, I'd be happy to help you brainstorm over AIM if you like...but not on the community. Asking these questions isn't a banning offense--half the time we won't even complain, at least beyond a post telling you your post is being deleted for being off-topic--but don't be surprised if a question like that gets deleted by one of us. (And DON'T abuse the mod who does it to you, because that CAN be a banning offense depending on the level of abuse. I like my mods and I can forget my genial self when people start bitching at them.)

Okay, that takes care of everything. Off I go.

EDIT: My mistake! One more detail. A lot of you are great about this already, and it's not a big deal either way, but topic-specific post titles make the baby Jesus crap rainbows of happiness. >D It also makes my job a hell of a lot easier, because every post that goes into memories gets a title so people know where to look, and if I don't have to make one myself that's a couple seconds saved for me.

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[HIH] Hufflepuff 4

Behind the Name

Hi everyone! Can't seem to find that perfect name? Sick of considering your friends' names, combing through newspapers, and even looking in the phone book for a good name? Search no more! Go to Behind the Name, the best name database I've ever seen. Names from all around the world are available there, as well as their meanings. Mythological names, ancient names, logical names for twins, anagram names, and a cool random name generator...Behind the Name has it all (and perhaps then some).

Go to Behind the Name

edit: There's also help in finding surnames/last names, too! Behind the Surnames has got your back. (thank you, inarticulate)
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Religion - Signs of the Apocalypse

I'm looking for signs of the end of the world.

Essentially, I need any people, places or events, from any religion you can think of from Islam to ancient Greek, that will herald the apocalypse.

So far as Christianity goes, I have... the second coming of Christ? (I'm not even sure if that is one.) This same person is also the tenth avatar of Vishnu (Kalkin on a white horse) from the Hindu religion.

I believe there is a Norse legend about the end of time when a wolf eats the sun. (If that's horribly inaccurate, please feel free to beat me.)

Can anyone help me with anything else?


Everyone's been great so far... but I'm really looking for more obscure stuff (Sorry, should've been clearer). What you've given me is great to have on hand, but I need signs that very few people will pick up on easily. Yes, I am trying to be obscure.


Does anyone know the average that's spent on building new housing? Condos to be precise. I tried google but that was to no avail. I just need a number. Help?

EDIT: In Canada. About the size of two city blocks in a rural area about one hour away from a larger city.

Girl's names

I need a name for a Jewish girl in Poland in the 30s/40s. Preferably something simple but *not* overused, and FYI, she's very observant. I tried looking up names but I just ended up so confused.