June 12th, 2005

Posing Gum and Mew

Interior of a morgue

Pretty much a direct link from my last question...

What are present-day morgues like? When I think morgue, I think of bodies lying on a table covered in white sheets, but then I remember in Men In Black they had them in kind of... drawers in the wall. Google just gives me information about morgue assistants and how much they get paid, so if anyone can tell me what it basically looks like in there, that'd be much appreciated.
Also, I presume it's kept cool to prevent decay, but if the air conditioning was no longer working and hadn't been for some time, I imagine the bodies would decay 'as normal' (if there's such a thing). Is there anything in a morgue that would make a difference to the speed of decay? (Said morgue has been abandoned for several months.)
Thanks in advance!
Red Sag

Pick-up lines

I am having great trouble comoing up woith a pick-up line or a flirtatious conversation or ssomething similar to break the ice between my two charaters; it can't be too corny/bad suince they WILL be getting it on later that night, but I can't figure out anything *headdesk*

Situation: semi-trashy club, and the guy has juct "saved" her from a drunken, pushy guy who tried to grab her. (quotations because she could havekicked the drunk's ass without him interfering) They're instantly attracted, but I am stumped as to what sort of an opening line, from either one, could work.

And yes, I need to go out more.

Concerning assassins, beastiaries, and random facts.

I've done a lot of weird research for a modern-day supernatural set novel that I've been working on for a while, but there's one thing that's still bothering me, and two that I need help with.

ONE. [Assassins.]
Assassins. Our culture is nice and saturated with them - google turned up movies, books, video games, more video games, oh, and more video games and the Smiths movie. There's a lot of drama surrounding assassins, but at the same time a lot that isn't discussed.

What's the possibility that actual asassins - similar to those popular culture so adores - do exist? And, whether common or not, how are they likely to be contacted or paid? I want very badly for my main character to be an assassin, but she needs a way for potential customers to contact her. Phone lines could be trouble because those could be traced to a person or a place; cellphones, the same. Email can be tracked, and if there's a specific place she goes for messages, someone could set up a trap for her. Everything I can think of has terrible risks .. what sort of method do you think makes the most sense? Has anyone considered anything like this?

TWO. [Beastiaries.]
I have not googled this simply because I don't want to surf through ads .. what I want to know is if anyone can recommend a really good beastiary, a BOOK, not something online, that contains a variety of cultures. Something massive; something you can just flip through and find all sorts of weird shit, with good information and possibly pictures. I'd pay a LOT for something like this, so if anyone has any personal recommendations, I'd love to hear the titles. I'm not looking for you've heard this is good, or you've seen that one on some online bookstore, I want real recs from real writers. I need something good.

THREE. [Random Factoids.]
My story is set in a modern-day realm where supernatural phenomena and entities have always existed but considered by the general public not to be real. I have an assassins who specializes in working for or against these supernatural entities, and the very basis of her character is that she's sort of a font of information regarding all of these critters and their various strengths or weaknesses.

What I need from y'all is totally random shit that she would know that others wouldn't - weird, weird stuff, about weird creatures. Things like the fact that wild roses placed on graves keep vampires trapped, or things that even most horror/fantasy fans don't know. And if you know of any weird/unusual creatures beside the normal sets of werewolves/vampires/usual cryptids, that would be awesome as well.

I know that was kind of long, so thank you for your patience. :3 I look forward to your responses!