June 11th, 2005


Household items containing alcohol

My friend is writing a story involving an alcoholic. All the alcohol is removed from the character's house as well as items obviously containing alcohol (mouth wash, rubbing alcohol, vanilla extract). She needs some common household item containing alcohol that would be overlooked that the character can get her hands on. Any suggestions?

Icky eye question

Okay, here's the deal:

How long would it take a fully grown man to recover from losing an eye in a violent matter? Not sure if it matters, but it would be 15th century level technology, as far as medicine and such. And by recover, I mean riding a horse, moving around, fighting, etc.

Also? He's kind of a sadist/masochist type character who doesn't mind pain too much, so if part of the answer deals with how much pain he'll be working through, that might make a difference.

Thanks for any knowledge shared.