June 10th, 2005

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Japanese elementary schools

So, Google found me lots of information about middle school and high school in Japan, but the characters I'm writing about are a little young for that, contrary to the belief of the fandom. Three main questions:

1. When is the cutoff date for a child to have their birthday to register in grade one? I know the school year starts April 1, but do they have to have had their birthday by then? One of the characters has his birthday April 8, and I need to know which grade he would be in.

2. What sort of material would they cover in class? I've found vague lists of classes, but not what sort of material they would learn. The characters are in grade six, grade three/two depending on #1 and grade one.

3. To what extent would it be normal for children that age to be involved in extra-curricular activities?
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Bruised rib treatment?

Ok, here goes. I've got a character who's an athlete. He ran into the stands a few days ago (quite literally) and now has a contusion and a bruised rib. I've been able to find treatments for the contusion (mostly ice and time, can alternate some heat treatments). But I can't find anything on bruised ribs. Heat? Cold? Shiatsu massages? (Ok, so I'm guessing it's not the last one.) Any ideas?
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A Harbormaster's Duties

I'm sorry if this is a bit nebulous, but what sort of things would a Harbormaster focus on?

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I've already gotten trade, security (of the harbor), possibility of raids, quartering (if necessary), and transportation. What I need to know is 1) what his concerns might be, and 2) what a man in his position would need to focus on. 3) Anything else you can think of that I haven't mentioned woud be awesome.

I'm also curious as to whether said island is plausible, and if not, what would need to be added or modified to make it so. (4)
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Location of a body

Here's the situation; a Japanese teenager is killed, and the first people to discover him are some soldiers hunting for the person that killed him. He dies in a bar in Tokyo. He's in a foster home, and judging from the situation at the time, the soldiers would be unlikely to bother worrying about who he is, contacting next of kin, etc. Within twenty-four hours, the entire city is destroyed, and most people either flee or scavenge in the ruins; most of the soldiers are killed. My question is: what would have happened to the boy's body? Would it have been destroyed/buried/cremated or what?

I have not yet tried Googling it - if anyone has any suggestions for how to that would be great - or any other help.

Thank you!

Edit: Thanks - looks like I can do what I want with this plot point!

Government seizing assets

Is it legal for the government (in this case, Russia) to seize the assets of rich criminals (Russian Mafia) they have arrested and keep the money for themselves? Alternatively, if criminal money is hidden behind dummy corporations or if the criminal owns a legal buisness as cover, can the government seize the company, force a sale and keep the profit? And if the Mafia caught on to this, what steps could they take to prevent the government stealing all their dough?

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Gods of Music

So I need to come up with a god for a character I'm playing. The character I'm playing is a (D&D) bard/paladin, so I'd like a god of music. I've got a basic grasp of mythology in most areas, but for the life of me, the only gods with any connection to music I can think of are Apollo, and Talesien. And my google/wiki-fu is week tonight.

I'd like to stay away from the Greek mythos, but otherwise, anything goes. Any one out there know of any music gods?
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Dying stars

I'm the little one who made a lot of awful grammar questions a while ago...

But now I have a question of other nature, very important for my story too! And it is: What are the chances of seeing a dying star, such as ours, the Sun, if you were traveling across the universe? How often would it be possible for you to see just one, or can you see many at the same time? I have no idea x.x

Also, if anyone would offer to beta read it without actually correcting it, I would be very grateful.

Update: anyone knows what is the name of these big pictures made out of thousands of little pictures? I don't know if I'm being clear, is just that I need one of the earth for my story, and if I could find it I'd be really happy.

Thanks in advance.

Amnesia Recovery & Disabling Leg Injuries

This story concerns a boy of fifteen or sixteen who suffers from retrograde amnesia following a car accident, losing several years' worth of memories that gradually come back to him over a period of about three months. (This takes place in the UK, BTW, whatever effect that might have on the treatment he gets.)

1) Assuming he was in the hospital for some time due to other injuries and was clearly beginning to recover from the amnesia by the time he left, what, if any, follow-up care would he receive? Would he be likely to have any check-ups or further tests with the doctors who treated him or appropriate specialists? Some kind of counselling/therapy to help him deal with it? Or is it likely to be a case of "Bye - sure hope that memory thing works out for ya"? Any idea of who he might conceivably have appointments with and over what timescale would be immensely helpful.

2) Once he's mostly or fully recovered the lost memories, he begins to think he's suffering from memory problems of a different sort. (He isn't, actually; somebody's messing with his head to make him think he's remembering people who don't exist and things that didn't happen.) Who might he go to see to discuss that? Would they be likely to do any more testing on him, or just assume it's something that was previously overlooked and leave him to wait and see if it improves over time?

3) In the same accident, I'd like him to receive some kind of leg injury that leaves him walking with a crutch/cane on a permanent or at least long-term basis. What kind of injury might cause that sort of damage and how long a recovery period would it entail? How many weeks/months from the accident to the point where he would be mobile and able to return to school? (Ideally I'd like him to be returning to school while he's still in the process of recovering from the amnesia, but I don't know whether that could be at all plausible without stretching that out over a longer time frame.) Any info on follow-up care, medication, lingering symptoms etc. would also be great.