June 7th, 2005


Med help for fiction writers

Hi, I hope this isn't off-topic, but I was wondering if anyone knew the URL to the site I'm thinking about, where a medical professional answered fiction-specific medical questions, much like you'd do on this comm. ("Is six weeks a plausible heal time for a buckshot wound to the upper thigh?" Uhm. Anyway. Ouch.)

I remember the site was great for murder and mayhem... ("What kind of poison would be best to inject into an IV and be undetected by hospital staff?") =)

I'd love to find it again.
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Question about burning and burn victims


I have a chapter coming up that involves a witch burning.

My question is: How long could a person who was set on fire live? There will be powerful magic used in her healing, so she just needs to be alive, not healable by mundane medicine.

Also, what condition would a person's skin/body be in at the point where they are burned almost to death? I want to have an accurate description, and I'm not sure how to search for that.

I am pretty sure there isn't a lot of time for big fight scenes before she is rescued from the fire, but I want the length of time before she is rescued to be tense, without being unrealistic & unbelievable.

Thank you in advance for any help!

ETA. Thanks for all the info! I have enough to start with now. This is a very useful community!
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traditional Japanese wedding

Someone suggested I ask about this here. *waves hello* Nice comm.

I'm looking for some information for a fanfic I'm writing. What would a typical (commoner, not upper class) wedding have been like in feudal era Japan? Would it have been a big deal, large gathering & celebration sort of thing? If so, was the ceremony itself a big deal? Or was the fuss saved for a feast/party situation afterwards? Who would attend? Would guests typically bring gifts for the couple? Any information about what a traditional ceremony entailed would be a big help, too.
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Okay, so, I have a character who has just submitted an application online to work in print/fashion modeling. She is 18, turning 19 in a few weeks, and where she lives, this is the legal age to do everything but get piss-drunk, so age isn't a problem. She's fairly tall (5'11"), attractive (I guess you could say), has the funds to pay for everything, etc., so my questions are:

How long would it take for her to get a response? If positive, would it include something like a studio address, a desire to see a portfolio, etc? When could she be actively working/appearing in print?

Anyone who has personal experience in the world of modeling would be a great help. Thanks to all of you you read this. ;) ♥
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Car accident resulting in death of driver and minor injuries of front passenger

Long-term lurker, first-time poster here wondering if anyone can help. I've been trying to find ways of wording this as a question in Google and am at a loss.

I'm trying to work on a history for my main character who lost her dad in a car accident. My character was in the car at the time of the accident, and came away with only minor injuries. While her father died, my character needs to have obtained a prominent scar from the accident that, ten years on, would still be noticeable. Ideally, this scar would be in the region of a shoulder and preferably she would have been sat in the front passenger seat. She was only seven at the time of the accident. The accident occured because the driver was distracted momentarily by her, but I have not yet decided whether that meant they crashed with oncoming traffic/hit a dip in the road/swerved off the road.

If anyone could provide various ways in which the crash may have played out for the consequences (father dead/scar on shoulder) to have occured, I would be really grateful.

Also, would it be possible for a second passenger in the backseat to come out completely unscathed?