June 6th, 2005

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Baby Diseases

(If this has been posted before, then I apologize.)

What are 'common' diseases/health defects babies can die from soon after birth? Not immediately-soon, but maybe from a few hours to a few days later. My Google-fu is weak right now, and I just can't seem to find anything.

In case it might be useful, this is needed for a character who was indeed born with something (I was going to come up with what eventually), and even though that something was uncurable, due to a rather miraculous medical discovery on his father's part he survived. His father was wealthy, with had good connections, and the boy was born in 1980 (if that makes any difference).
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Marriage and surname changes

I'm contemplating a story set in England in the 1920s. It involves a newleywed couple of whom the groom is extrordinaily ... eccentric, and has been known to change his name (or at least, change the name he uses even if he doesn't change it legally) more or less on a whim. Would it be unheard-of for a husband at that place and time to adopt his wife's last name (keeping his own original last name as a middle name), or for a married couple to combine and hypenate their last names?

ETA: I don't know if this makes a difference, but they're fairly upper-class. I've heard that in certain of the British nobility, hypentaed names were the rule, not the exception, which if it's true would make a hypenated name quite plausible.

ETA2: Answered! Thank you!


Okay, this is going to sound bizarre, but how might one find out about the ins and outs of prostitution (like a blog-type thing, for instance). I've tried googling it, but as you can imagine... that doesn't work. I don't want or need explicit sexual stuff, just little details (heh) that make a story more believable but that might not otherwise be thought of.

Just for clarification, this is research for a short story!

Thanks in advance!

Recognizable leaves

I've tried finding this information on google, but perhaps I haven't been framing the question right, so I'd appreciate your opinions.

My question: what kinds of leaves, or other plant parts, would a North American who grew up in a suburb, and who has not made any special study of botany, be most likely to recognize? And which ones would such a person know the names of offhand? The only two I can think of off the top of my head are maple, cannabis and acorns. Are there any others you all can think of?

Edit: some people have for a little more information, so let me see... Some of my characters grew up in a town on the coast of California between L.A. and San Francisco, some are from the southern part of the US, some are from the mid-west US and one has been to Canada, Mexico... just about anywhere in North America, the UK and Europe, but she's not particularly interested in plants. The situation is they are looking at a series of drawings of fall scenes and they are trying to figure out what the various kinds of leaves, trees and other plants in them are.

Edit: Thank you all so much. I think I've got enough to start with now.
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Poker and guns.

1.) What is the first call in a game of poker? Rather, what does the dealer say to open the game up, and how is the game started? (Bidding? "Raise," "see," what?)

It's just a bit of filler wording I need so that I don't soud like a nincompoop in the way of poker, which is what I am, really.

2.) A shot to the head would incapacitate/kill a person immediately, am I right? Or would there be a one or two second interval between the shot and the person's falling down? (The character in question is currently standing and holding a girl hostage in front of him; he gets shot and I'm tryng to figure out whether he'd have time to pull the trigger.)