June 5th, 2005


Japanese mythology question (why yes, I am writing fanfic, how did you guess?)

I've been looking for information on angels in (Japanese) Buddhist and Shinto mythology, so far coming up with very little. I'm fairly sure they exist, but-- what's their function? What do they do? Who's in charge of them? Are there different kinds, and if so, what are they? What are their attributes and charactaristics?

I realize these questions are sort of vague, so if you can point me at books or websites, I'll be just as happy. Thanks!
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Name legalities.

Hey. Question on a name.

I'm writing a story that takes place in a contemporary, midsize city. The character has a very common name. Let's say it's set in Milwaukee, WI, and the name of the character is 'Peter Smith'.

What if there really is a Peter Smith living in Milwaukee? Could I conceivably get in trouble for this? Should I change the name so that it doesn't overlap with any real names in Milwaukee?

What happens in scenarios like this? Thanks.
minerva mcgonagall

"Hook up"?

Hello everyone,

I have a rather idiotic question right now. You see, the female character I'm currently writing is describing the way she "got together" with a man; I started to type in the words "hook up" but I'm not completely sure if that's the right phrase to use.

Does "hooking up" necessarily mean sleeping with someone, as in a one-night stand (or the beginning of a long-term relationship, even)? The way she is saying it, my character has not slept with the man in question... yet. Can the phrase "hook up" be used in the context I mean it to be? If not, what words can I use to write this?

Edit: just to clarify exactly what her relationship with the man was while they "got together", they had been friends, and neither of them in a relationship with any other person. When they had gotten together, the only physical sign of affection they displayed to one another were hugs and a small, very chaste, kiss on the lips. Thanks again =)

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Another name technicality

This question is in a similar vein to the previous one, about a fictional character sharing a name with a real life person.

What happens if, in a fantasy novel, you make up a name for a person or place, but later find it's already been used in existing published fiction? Does the original author have any recourse against you, even if you honestly thought the name was completely original?

Deep space exposure

Hi. Technical biological question. As I understand it, the result of a person being fully exposed to deep space causes the oxygen and sundry gases dissolved in the blood to revert to gas, causing your blood to boil; in addition the gas in the lungs causes them to explode or rupture because of the lack of pressure. Is this correct? Also, what is the effect on the body, temperature wise?

Second, what if only a single portion of someone's body-say, an arm-were exposed to deep space while the rest of them was safe; postulate some sort of membrane that divided a normal, pressurized environment and the void, but allowed an arm to be stuck through. What effect would that have?

Sword Fighting Wounds...

Hello all-

What sort of realistic sword wounds could a man survive? Assuming a scene where a sword is pushed out (thrown?) at a pretty high velocity and a person is impaled... I guess the force I'm thinking of would be similar to a sword being dropped from twenty feet straight down onto the ground (the man being the ground)... As for sword thickness and type, I'm thinking of a B*stard sword, the kind with longer handles to allow for two-handed swinging, as opposed to a rapier or some thin variety.. so it's like a long sword basically, medieval?

Would a person be guaranteed to die from a stomach wound? What about a chest wound?