June 4th, 2005

Emmanuel Ducks

Okay, I need to know anything anybody can give me on the special ducks bred at Emmanuel college in England. I'd especially be grateful to anyone who could tell me when they first started breeding them.

Thanks in advance.

Mourning clothes!

Hello! Me again. I have another silly question: Is there any way a ten-year-old might be seen in mourning attire during the Victorian era, or is that completely out of the question? All of my little sources and things say that most young ladies didn't begin that tradition until they were at least fifteen.

Thank you!
diabolical dragon

Wolves and Bears.

This is probably a very stupid question, but my brain is totally stuck.

I'm looking for words like ram, ewe, lamb or bull, cow, calf for wolves and bears.

Would the female wolf be a bitch, like a female dog? Is cub or pup better for the young? And I have no idea what to call a male (though I'm sure I'll go "DUH" if there's an obvious answer I've just blanked out on)

For bears, I know young are cubs, but what about male and female adults?

It isn't a huge deal. I just have a character who separates people into groups by wolf/bear/bird associations, and wanted terms for him to use.