June 2nd, 2005

the chosen one.

depression meds

I'm looking for an older depression medication, something that isn't as pleasant as those currently on the market. Most current meds advertise a lack of fatigue and low risk of sexual side effects - I'm looking for something that's likely to have both and then some. It doesn't have to be something that would be currently prescribed, as long as it's still theoretically available.
[HIH] Hufflepuff 4

Calling all doctors

Hello doctors, I have a little question for you: is it possible to be allergic to too much sun exposure? This is not even for a story, but I've tried WebMD and all I'm getting is results for medicines used to treat serious infections. My friend has this really nasty refried-bean colored thing on the surface of her left hand. It has an odd, almost kidney-like shape and a blister forming atop it. She got it after a day spent at Six Flags. The dermatologists shaved some of it off for a biopsy, but I'm curious as to what it is now. Can anyone tell me?

(PS, to keep this in the scope of things, if it turns out to be benign and removable, I might make a character have this.)
Last Thylacine

Guns and force.

Either my Google-Fu is weak, or Google is being uncharictaristically unhelpful. Do average guns (say the average handgun that a crook or police officer would have access to) be capable of a ton of force? If not, what sort of guns would be capable? I know jack and squat about guns, so turn to you, faithful and knowledgeable people of the INTRANET, to provide a clue, a hint, a path to follow, et cetera, so forth, and such.
My eternal gratitude, prolific thanks, most sincere appreciation, and so forth.
Yes, sleep deprivation turns me into a raving looney. :D

Edit because, as comes as no surprise to me, I was being unclear: Okay, I've a super-natural character who can withstand about a ton of physical force. As I said, I know next to nothing about guns, so don't know if this character would be harmed by a gun or if the bullets would be shrugged off, or whatever else.
Sorry about that, guys. :>

Edit number two: I've taken into account the fact that placing weight on him is a lot different than, say, dropping a Mack truck on him from the top of the Chrysler building. Though I am by no means scientifically inclined, I do realize that force is variable by speed (though I couldn't explain it any better, so I hope I'm understood). Regarding the degree of toughness in relation to size of area affected--that is a good question, and one I've not thought of. I've no idea (and it wasn't asked of me), but, to be not terribly twinky, I guess I'd say over a large area.
This is for a role-play character, and in looking over his abilities, I've discovered that I meant he could withstand twenty tons of force. Here's the entry for the toughness:

This isn't quite stamina; it's more how much crap they can take. This is due to how their muscles have been conditioned. Effectively, they're a brick wall. Something less than five tons of pressure will be shrugged off. Higher than that, and their ability to take it lowers exponentially. Twenty tons of pressure is enough to flatten them for a good, long time. This isn't to say that one needs a twenty-ton object to lay them flat; a smaller object dropped from a height has more than enough impact, depending on the initial mass of the object and the height it's dropped at. A truck weighing ten tons, for example, hitting them at one hundred miles an hour will lay them flat. They'll /survive/ the impact, but that doesn't mean it won't knock them for a loop, and likely leave all kinds of gnarly-looking scars.
Again, I'm not terribly scientifically-inclined (as is likely more than blatantly obvious by now), but no one asked for more clarification than what I've shown. I just recently realized that I've no idea how much force a bullet is capable of, so thought I should find out before it came up. Okay, I think I've got it covered, though let's see if I can go for a record number of edits. :D