June 1st, 2005

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few questions

1. What was the general outlook/opinion of personality disorders in Germany (or Europe in general) around 1890? A boy of mine has schizophrenia (disorganized) and I was wondering how people would react to his behavior. Although he is mainly kept indoors so he doesn't freak out or become more confused than usual, he sometimes goes out because he becomes bored, or curious. Anyways, were there any herbal or prescription medications for this, or any sort of treatment at all? Would he be misdiagnosed as 'crazy'? His caretaker would probably not let anyone touch him, but may allow him to take some sort of medicine if he thought it would help.

2. Give me some names for a cat in Hindu/Indian/Egyptian. I can't be sure what I find through google is accurate. o_O
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Bad reactions to psychic abilities?

I have a question that is more speculation than something I can actually verify with facts. I've tried google for stuff like post traumatic stress, stress and soldiers, etc.

The simplest gist of my question is that I'm curious about ways that empathy could frighten someone and reasons why someone would react poorly to it. (I'm not as interested in why someone wouldn't be frightened of this character's abilities, but I'm certainly not going to complain about ideas.)

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Public Domain or not...

I'm trying to find out if Zorro as created by Johnston McCulley in 1919 has entered public domain.... The only thing I can find is that Copyrights prior to 1978 lasted 28 years from original publication. Anyone know?

Thanks in advance
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Pant Measurements

I'm sure there is a website out there for what I'm looking for, but my Google-fu is weak.

What I’m looking for is pant measurements. As far as I know, there’s two systems of doing this:

1) Just the regular numbers, starting at 0 (for all those anorexics) and going up from there.
2) Then there’s the system that starts somewhere in the 20’s and goes up from there.

Does anyone know the names of these systems of measurements (is one European and one American?) and where I could find a chart showing me how they relate to each other? i.e. What would a 12 be in the other system?

Thanks in advance!
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SAG guidelines and the US legal system

two questions from my roommate

1. What are SAG rules/guidelines that dictate whether an actor becomes a Regular Cast member or a Guest Star? Particularly when a guest star is invovled in an important season-long, multi-episode arc, and may in fact be featured in nearly as many episodes as a regular cast member of less importance.

Why is Doug Savant* listed as a guest star on Desperate Housewives when he a) is Lynette's husband and b) has been featured in nearly every episode while Jesse Metcalfe who is arguably not as important and hasn't been in as many episodes (or maybe the same amount as Savant, I can't remember--regardless, he's gotten less screentime over the year) is listed as regular cast. I mean, obviously, acting ability is not a factor, so I'm thinking there's got to be a ridiculously complex rubric for this.

*imdb says Savant will be listed as regular cast beginning in season 2

2. This is much more vague but she's looking for a good description of the process a person goes through from the time they are arrested through the trial and possibly appeal.
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Junk Food

What is a popular junky American baked good that come wrapped in plastic and contains no natural ingredients to speak of? I've heard of Little Debbie, but that's a brand, not the actual product, right? And Twinkie is probably too obvious. Any suggestions?

Secret Message re: my last question: I went with liver cancer brought on by Hep B. Thanks again!
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Disease with frequent doctor visits

I'm looking to begin a novel, but I need a little detail before I get started.

I have a seventeen-year-old female character, and I need something to be wrong with her. It needs to be something not fatal nor "tragic", but that would still require frequent medical exams. Someone suggested diabetes, but I don't think she'd need to go to a doctor that often for that--or am I wrong? The more frequent these visits can be, the better.

Thanks so much.