May 31st, 2005


French-language magazines in Quebec

Quels magazines français sont populaire au Québec? Je cherche pour un magazine que son "trendy" et a articles de musique, divertissement, etc. Mon personnage (un homme) peut lire un magazine anglais, mais il ne parle pas anglais bien. Aussi, français est sa langue maternelle, donc je pense que il lirait un magazine français. J'ai cherché à Google, mais j'ai trouvé les magazines de femmes et sports seulement. Chu stucker à cause de ce tite chose :P

In English:

What French-language magazines are popular in Quebec? I'm looking for something that's kind of trendy and that would have articles about music or entertainment or stuff like that. Something people in their 20s or 30s would read. Like Spin or something like that. I could have my character read an English-language magazine, but he doesn't speak English very well and I think he would be more comfortable reading a French-language magazine. Also, since French is his native language, I think he'd be more likely to pick up a magazine in his native language. At least, that's what I would do. I did a search on Google, but it seemed the only magazines I came up with were womens' and sports magazines. For both plot and character purposes, that won't work. And now I'm stuck because of this one small thing :P

Merci/thanks in advance!
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Star Trek expertise needed... all shows (except Enterprise)

I'm considering writing a Star Trek story and I need some specific questions answered. I know there a few Trek geeks on my journal so I thought I'd start here...

Did Spock ever mind meld with a machine/robot/android besides V'ger? And get any actual contact with the machine mind? This is especially pertinent if he did so during the series, rather than the movies.

Next Gen
What was Data's legal standing at the end of the show? A person? What about other androids?
What ever happened to Moriarity the holo program? Did we ever see him after he was put in the prison program with is girlfriend?

Did they ever say what happened to the doctor when the ship returned home? Was there any discussion of what would happen to any of the crew/ship after they returned?
Did Suvak (or whatever his name was) ever mind meld with a machine/or *especially* a hologram during the course of the show?

Some general questions...

Was Spock still alive at the return of Voyager? Was he off in Romulan space?

Was there any explicit discussion of sentient rights for androids/holograms/computers in any of the series and what was the conclusion?

I'm thinking of a story that centers around the idea that some holograms *are* sentient/people and - if you *ahem* just *happen* to be JT Kirk and begin to wonder why your life is suddenly so repetitive... what do you think he do? Heh.