May 30th, 2005


Muscular development and Catholic priests

Question 1-Character in question really enjoys rock climbing, but he generally has to do it indoors because there's not a whole lot of places to go outdoors where he lives. He goes several times a month, so his muscles have developed because of the climbing. Would he have a stronger upper or lower body, or would they be about the same?

Question 2-Same character is a Jesuit priest. While I've looked at all kinds of sources, are there any Catholics out there who would know how he could become a novice? I think that there's some kind of recommendation process?

Latin Medical terms

I need a disease. A NAME for one, rather. Something along the lines of "death incarnate" but you know...medical sounding. This would be what scientists dub the strain, not what the laypeoples call it.

Anybody with some knowledge of medicines and latin terminology wanna pitch in some thoughts?
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Mexican attitudes

All right, no matter what combo I use trying to google this I keep not getting anything useful - and way too much porn.

My question is quite simple: in Mexico, how askance is marriage between cousins cuiwewed? Is it eyebrow-raising, nothing strange, just shurgged at, talk behind backs... what sort?

(If more detail is needed: The guy meets the girl after 10 years of separation and the girl, whose father was the guy's uncle on the father's side, marriage in order to make sure that their family business - aka cartel - will stay strong. I need to figure out if this would, attitude-wise, be plausible)

Development in Blind Children

The internet has thus failed me. T_T

Does anyone know the difference in the development of a blind child? At 12, would he be behind other children his age, say in mental or emotional reactions? Are there any differences phsyically? (I wouldn't imagine so, but I don't know.)

Thank you!

Childbirth, and doggies... (2 topics)

1. What would placenta previa look like/be described as, for a low-tech (ie medieval/Renaissance) midwife? How soon would she recognize the problem, and et cetera? And, would there have been any particular warning signs noticeably before labor (either detectable by normal low-tech midwifery, or by the magic equivalent of an ultrasound)? For that matter, is there anything short of magic (or at least a magic-assisted C-section) she *would* be able to do, that would not result in the death of either the mom or the baby?

2. Any particular resources that anyone would recommend (net-resources preferred) on the behavior of greyhounds and similar breeds of dog (ie other gazehounds)?
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Decomposition Questions

I'm working on a story in which a famous actress is murdered.

She was killed in mid-January, in coastal Southern California.  It was thought that she committed suicide by jumping off a bridge; all searches for her body were confined to the ocean.  It's late May when a P.I. gets new information and begins looking for her corpse.

I've already pretty much discarded having him actually find the corpse himself; he doesn't have enough information about the murder to locate where the murderer left the body.  I thought -- and I'm not sure if this is plausible -- that he could try contacting local morgues/police departments for information on the "Jane Doe" corpses that had been brought in since her disappearance.

The P.I. was friends with her and knows what she was wearing on the day of her death; this wasn't public information, and the outfit is fairly distinctive.

What I'm wondering is what would be a sensible amount and location of exposure prior to recovery to render the body so decomposed that the person who originally found it didn't recognize it as the famous actress, but not so decomposed that the P.I. couldn't later identify her from photographs based on the clothing she was wearing.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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Naval feeding

All right, did the Google thing, no dice.

I understand it's possible to feed even adults through the navel in the event they cannot take food orally. Is this true, and if so, how is it done? Are there any circumstances in which this method of feeding would be preferable to IV food cocktails?