May 29th, 2005

Anne of Green Gables

working in comic shops

The main character for a story I'm writing is an eighteen-year-old employee in a comic shop. (You know, the kind that sells graphic novels, back issues, action figures, what have you.) Though a frequent customer at these shops, I've never actually worked at one, so I'm wondering, what kind of work would be typical for a teenager/college student employee? Would s/he just work the register the whole time, or would s/he be called on to inventory back issues, or something like that?

In addition, information about inter-employee and worker/customer dynamics would also be helpful. Particularly gender dynamics-- most of the comic shops I've been to have seemed to have one "token female" on staff, and the character I'm writing about is female. If you have amusing little anecdotes you don't mind me adapting and using, that's also helpful.

I'll be away from my computer until Monday starting tomorrow morning, so I might not be able to look at your replies instantly, but I'll make an effort to communicate anyway. Thanks, all.

Devil's Acre and San Francisco Slang in 1905

Okay, I've tried Google, my local library, and the usual suspects (Wikipedia, etc.), and I'm drawing a blank. You folks were so helpful with my questions about tricking the devil, I figured I'd try again.

I need info on:
- Devil's Acre, San Francisco, CA (I can find it on a map and know it was home to several brothels, but can't find much else except book reviews for stuff set in London, England)
- street slang, preferably that used by the lower classes, in SF, CA

Both circa 1905 - early 1906 (immediately prior to the earthquake).

I found this, which is helpful:

I'm looking for things specifically from San Francisco, though. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance! I'm on dial-up and sharing a computer right now, so even though I'll try I may not be able to respond to everything (I'm really sorry if this ends up being the case), but I'd appreciate any help I can get.