May 28th, 2005



I just now ran into another stumbling block. About how long does it take to smoke a cigarette down to the filter? I don't smoke, so I have no idea. Oh, and this is assuming the character isn't taking long breaks in between drags. He's about to go on a plane trip, and he wants to have a cigarette before he gets on the plane. So, I need to know how much time to give him to finish his cigarette. Thanks!
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Japanese brand of generic drug

Can anyone help me with the brand name for promethazine hydrochloride (US brand name Phenergan) in Japan? I've been able to google it once, but silly goose that I am, I forgot to note it down, and Japanese medical/pharmaceutical sites have the downside of having all their useful parts in Japanese.

If it helps, promethazine hydrochloride is primarily used in treatment of insomnia, allergies (as an antihistamine) and motion sickness. Some other OTC or prescription sleep medicine available in Japan could also do if anyone remembers a brand name, though I wanted promethazine since I'm familiar with the slightly out-of-this-world effects it has before putting you to sleep :)
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History of Mega-Bookstores

I'm trying to figure out how long ago we started seeing bookstores that are like superstores in the United States, a la Barnes & Noble or Borders or Waldenbooks. I found out that B&N was bought and reorganized by its present owner in 1971, but I can't seem to get a handle on when shopping for books became like shopping for groceries, with the wide aisles and the "I have my own huge building with a parking lot and stuff!" etc.

So -- okay. (Sorry, thinking as I type here!) I'm looking to set a story entirely inside one of these bookstores somewhere in Illinois in the early 1980's. I remember shopping in them in Columbus, Ohio in the late 80's/early 90's, but I was a little kid then, and am not entirely sure of the memory. Were they outside of malls in the early 80's? If they weren't the above-mentioned companies, were there others that have since disappeared since being big? Were they set up in a similar manner to B&N-type stores today?

11:48 PM Thank you all so much for your answers! You've been immensely helpful.
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British terms

When one is studying to become a barrister or soliciter in UK, from what I've read you go to University and then some law study, and you get a job at a law firm for a couple of years before you are 'called to the bar'. First, is that correct? Second, is there a term used for the fledgling lawyer job, have you "joined" the firm, are you "articled" to the firm? What would be the expressions used by somebody in the UK?

Thanks, as always.
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Fire alarm...

Have any of you guys ever used a fire alarm like this (the one to the left, not the smoke alarm to the right)? If so, how do you use it? Is it just to push the glass so it breaks on the button, or is there anything else to it. I don't want to be caught testing it out at my school, but I suspect that my story at the moment is a bit unrealistic, so I desperatly need help...

EDIT: Thank you, that was all I needed to know. You guys are great!