May 25th, 2005

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Slow Acting Poison

Hello all. Newbie to the comm here.

I've been working on a story for close to a year now and need a bit of help with the subject of poison - Google just doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

I'm looking for an organic poison (or anything poisonous -- herbs, flowers, venom) that is slow acting when ingested -- fatality in a week or so would be ideal as would symptoms including vomitting, headaches and unconciousness. It doesn't have to fit into a certain time period or even a certain region but as said before, it has to be found in nature and not in a lab.

Thank you so much in advance and you will probably see me around here more often now that I've discovered this little gem.

- Cate
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Question on Car Trouble...

Hi everyone, I just joined. I think this community is a brilliant idea... anyway...I'm wondering anyone knows anything about cars & car trouble.

In a piece I'm writing, a character's car starts to break down while he's driving. It makes a lot of disturbing noises and ceases to drive obediently. Despite having lived out of mine for three months, I know absolutely fuck-nothing about cars. So I was wondering if anyone knew something that could go wrong with a car that you as the driver wouldn't notice until you were on the road and had been driving for a few miles, or something that could suddenly go wrong while you were driving. It needs to be something that would manifest in weird sounds (at least as one symptom) and that wouldn't permanently put the car out of commission, and could be fixed by a competent mechanic in less than a day, preferably less than a couple hours.

Thanks so very very much!
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Venereal Diseases

I need information on the effects, especially the obvious visible effects but also the mental deterioration involved in the late stages of venereal diseases, both before and after the advent of antibiotics. I've looked everywhere I know to look and haven't been able to turn up what I need.
Any suggestions or resources would be appreciated. Thanks!

Seedy Italian Strip Clubs

All right, this is a bit specialised, but I'm on the hunt for seedy Italian gay bars, with strippers -- or at least where one would be located, preferably in a major city, but at this point, anything is good. Google, and the internet at large, fail me.
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