May 24th, 2005

Movie roles - getting an audition

What does one need to do to get an audition for a medium-sized part in a low-budget movie - not the star, but a character with a name and a good number of lines? Do casting directors only work with agents as a rule, or is it possible for a casting director to spot someone they think would suit a part elsewhere and simply offer them an audition spot?

To be precise, I have a character (for a fanfic) who just left high-school in Tokyo. She didn't go to a specifically 'theatre magnet' school, but the school was known to have a very good theatre program, and she starred in several stage productions, as well as, possibly, a short film directed by a classmate. She hopes to become a movie actor and I'd like to make her life easy on that score. I'm considering having her get an audition as a result of a casting director having seen her in one of those stage productions and thinking she'd suit the role well. Might a casting director reasonably do that, or will she probably have to find an agent and send out a lot of resumes?