May 23rd, 2005

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Question about California

Ok, so I was wondering, if someone went from Barstow to Greenville by bus, how long would that take.

I'm looking to send my character about 4-5 hours away to a camp. If this loaction is farther, do you know of another location I could use.

Thanks for any help! :D
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Random: Cornkitty!

For anyone who's ever asked the question about how long it would take to get from This City to That City (like I was about to do XD), you might check out Mapquest. You don't need an exact address, just the city and state you're departing from and the one you're going to. It'll give you detailed directions and maps and even the driving time.

It's very handy, even though it doesn't take road construction into account. ^_^

[wanders off to play with it some more]
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