May 21st, 2005

  • mofic

Calling Episcopalians!

I've seen Episcopalian priests sometimes referred to as "Father" (or "Mother") and sometimes as "Reverend." Is there a pattern to this? I've got a minor character who is an Episcopalian priest. He appears only briefly in the story, when he is officiating at a funeral. I'm not developing him as a character and don't need to know much about his life or anything, but people will mention him in connection with the funeral and talk to him before and at the funeral. How should I refer to him? How should my characters address him?

I don't know if the details make a difference, but in case they do (e.g. if address differs by region): it's an X-Men movieverse story. The funeral is Charles Xavier's and will be held at St. Paul's Chapel of St. John's Episcopal Parish in South Salem, NY, in Westchester County. The current rector is identified as "Mother Lynn." This will be set in the non-too-distant future, and the priest in question is named Stephen Charlton. So, is he Father Charlton, Reverend Charlton, Father Stephen? Is it different if they're talking about him or the same as if they are speaking to him? Any help greatly appreciated...
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