May 20th, 2005

Grab bag--burial, swords, polyglot romance, birth

It's entirely possible that none of these (entirely separate) things will see the light of day, so I'm LJ-cutting the heck out of everything. Also, er--don't bother putting any real effort into these, unless you're just that bored, just if you happen to have something appropriate rattling around in your brain.
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Pseudo-legal question

Okay, this one's kind of weird, and I don't think Google will help. I need advice from someone who's familiar with general courtroom practices (particularly in England) and/or the rules of debate to advise me on a scenario for a Harry Potter fic.

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Thanks in advance!


So, two cars have a low-speed collision in which neither of the drivers is seriously injured.

I know from when I was in a car accident that the EMTs will want to take people into the ER to have x-rays even if they don't appear injured - they definitely brought my dad in and he was fine - but since I had a blow to the head, my memory of the period after the crash is kind of fuzzy.

Would the EMTs transport both drivers in the same ambulance? Would one or both of the drivers ride with the police? Or would they call for a second ambulance to transport the second driver?

For reference, if necessary, this would be in northern California.
rodney spec hell

Trebuchet construction

If you were building a trebuchet, a small one, then what angles and different measurements would you reccomend to use? What are some ways for optimum accuracy and distance? The trebuchet can only be one foot high, not including the throwing arm and has to have a sling. Please help!
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I'm really sorry if this has been posted before.

I have a character who is asthmatic. Only problem being, I have no idea what asthma is actually like. I mean, obviously I've read the medical descriptions, but medical terminology isn't really what I'm after. As a (fairly severely) asthmatic child, what would he have been unable to do? Does smoking/smoke always affect people with asthma? What about pets? What does an attack actually feel like?

Any tips would be very, very appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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mindset of torturers

Does anyone have any links (or recs for books, articles- or just general knowledge) about the psychology/rationalization of people who torture others, or assist in committing genocide? How people like this justify their behavior to themselves? First person accounts from people who have actually participated in this sort of thing would be useful.


If you don't have a nose, what the heck happens when you sneeze? Can you sneeze? You wouldn't, right, cos there's no mucus and things like that. Could you smell? My biology is hazy. And what would happen if you catch a cold?

Urgh, believe it or not, I don't really need this, it's just bugging me to death. Ahaha.