May 19th, 2005


Post-natal complications

I have no idea how to start googling this :P What are some life-threatening complications a full-term infant could suffer at birth? Not birth defects, really, just complications that are life-threatening but can be treated. I know jaundice is a possibility, but I'm not sure if I want to use that one. Anyway, if I could get some suggestions, I'll at least have something to google. Thanks!
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Suicide and laser knives

First of all, I have this boy who has tried to kill himself by slitting his wrists (a few inches (3-4) down his arm on both arms). He is found by a friend and rescued. My question is... when will he be able to play guitar without too much pain/motorical problems. Modern day/futuristic setting, and I'm presuming that he did not cut anything important except some veins and an artery.

Second question: pretend that you had a knife, but instead of a blade made from metal, it was a laser. Like the one you see in bad sci-fi b-movies, only a bit more controlled into a shape. Is it possible to guide laser light like that?

If yes: what kind of damage would such a knife do on a concrete wall? On flesh (especially if he tried to slit someone's throat with it)?

If no: know another weapon that screams futuristic, and would be cool to have, but still is realistic enough that you don't giggle when you say "well, it MIGHT happen"? :P

I really appreciate all help I can get on this.

EDIT: laser knife is obviously out of the question. Someone has a better idea for a futuristic, but realistic weapon?
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Motorcycle sidecars

I have two questions, the second of which is only relevant if the answer to the first is "absolutely not":

1) Is is possible to temporarily detatch a motorcycle sidecar, and if so, how laborious is the process? I have a character who normally rides a motorcycle with a sidecar, but is about to take a long (from Tokyo to the northern end of Japan) road trip, wherin she will have no use for the sidecar, and I'd like her to be able to detatch it and leave it at home. Is this possible? She has access to the normal complement of wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.

2) How does having a sidecar on a motorcycle affect its balance and ability to corner fast? If she can't take the sidecar off, she might be forced to do some tricky driving with it still there, and it seems that would be likely to affect her driving.
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I'm currently creating a character. This OC of mine needs to lose most of her memory and I don't want her to have amnesia. I was wondering if the Fugue wouldn't do better in her case - I don't want her to regain her memory and I want her to change a big part of her behiour (she was brought up like a boy and I want her to develop some more girlish triats).

Here are my questions:

1. Can fugue be post-traumatic?

2. Can somebody give more detailed info on what happens to a person suffering from this?

3. What could cause a six-years-old girl with rather stable personality to develop such a disorder? Should she be mentally instable to develop it?

Thank you.